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Ready to start a new project?  The Crazy Cricut Lady is here to Help

I have started my own Facebook group to keep in touch with everyone.  The group is called The Crazy Cricut Lady Group (surprised?).  You can find it here.

I will post anything new on the blog in the group.  I try to write a new blog post every day and group members are the first to hear about it.

The group is probably the best way to get in contact with me because I am almost always on Facebook when I’m not at my cricut. So tell me what you think of a project or suggest something you want me to try.  Or ask a question.  I love hearing from everyone about what they are doing!


Valentines Projects

Who doesn’t love Valentines?  Take a look at some of my projects for Valentines Day

Bleach Shirts

Have you tried this yet?  Beach Vinyl Shirts are new.  See the techniques here.

Fill in Fonts Have Moved!!!!!  They are now at Creative Fabrica

The fonts are all named by my daughter and start with CMV (her initials).  They now available individually at Creative Fabrica for $1.99 each.  Get them here

I have finally given up looking for good fonts that fill in when drawn and created my own.  I haven’t created fonts for a long time so it took some time but they are finally here! 
They look wonderful and eliminate the frustration over leaving huge holes in my card and scrapbook designs.  Get them today!

Design Space – There is Nothing to Be Scared of.

I have noticed a lot of people are scared to try using their cricut because they open Design Space and are overwhelmed.  I wrote this tutorial set to help alleviate that anxiety.
It teaches almost everything.  What all the buttons are and how to use them,  how to upload images and patterns, the difference between group, weld, attach and flatten and even how to do a dynamic offset in Inkscape.
There is also advanced techniques such as Slicing Multi Layer Images and Making a Dynamic Ofset (Outline).  See all the tutorials here or from the menu at the right.  (It uses the same password as the rest of the site)
So there really is Nothing to Be Scared of.
My Other Projects

Some of the projects I am working on are shown above.  All of them can be found in my tutorials.  There are scrapbook pages along with shirts made with iron on vinyl and other stuff made with vinyl.  I will be teaching it all!


Shaker Cards for Halloween are here  and Christmas are in the final stages of testing, so stay tuned.  Meanwhile take a look at my other shaker projects.  The SVG download files are as always free to use.  See how to do it here.

Products I Use

I have a page with links to tools and products I use all the time.  Included are links where to get these products.  I am an affiliate of some of the companies and get a commission from them if you purchase through my link but it isn’t much and doesn’t add to your price.

The menu at the right of the page will take you there.

What else is here

Along with the projects, there will be lots of tips and suggestions.  I explain that cricut projects doesn’t have to cost lots of money. You can use my money saving tips and alternative materials to save $. 

Also I just randomly talk about scrapbooking and card making topics that interest me.  I may suggest products I like to use or don’t like to use.  Those things will be under Random Stuff. 

You get it all at the Crazy Cricut Lady.

If there is anything you would like to know how to make or have any questions about how I made or designed something, write me a comment or email me at or contact me at my Facebook group.  All questions will be answered.

Other Places to find Me

I teach at Skillshare. There is a class posted already on how to make a wonderful clock. At Skillshare, they have hundreds of classes that cover just about anything you want to learn. And they will give you 2 months free just to try them out. I learned Inkscape and SCAL and even picked up some Design Space tips along with an art class and suggestions for this blog. And I haven’t even used up my 2 months yet! 

Here is the link.

 I do get a small bonus for anyone who signs up with this link but it is at no cost to you.  

My Downloads

If you want my download files, you need my password.  It is free and I will email it to you.  Just sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of any page and I will send you an email. The password is at the bottom of each email.  Once a week I send out a newsletter with a list of all the files I uploaded that week. (You can unsubscribe easily with the unsubscribe link on the email.)

Help me continue doing what I do

I have started a Patreon account because doing this for free is expensive.  If you would like to help by becoming a Patreon Supporter of The Crazy Cricut Lady Page  so go here and see my Patreon page




There are benefits to donating depending on the level.

      • For the Basic Supporter ($1 per month) I will create a unique tutorial just for my supporters.
      • For the Intermediate Supporters ($5 per month) you will receive all the Basic Supporter Benefits AND a copy of the SVG of the base cards created that month AND your name on my supporters page.
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And if The Crazy Cricut Lady reaches my support goals I will add more benefits.