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I am The Crazy Cricut Lady.  This is my page.  My goal is to help everyone to not be afraid to try something new with their Cricut machine.  No matter what machine you have, the Maker, the Air or the Joy I want you to take it out of the box and try something new.  I have written tutorials here of various skill levels or video tutorials to teach you the basics or more advanced techniques.

Picture of The Crazy Cricut Lady

There are cards, scrapbook pages or crafts and lots more to try.  Just pick a type from the drop down menu above.  So pick one out and try something new.  There is nothing to be scared of.  As a matter of fact that is the theme of this whole page.

 To find out more about me and my story, check out my About Me page.

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This page is undergoing a major edit right now and things are changing rapidly.  If you want updates on the changes or be notified of new tutorials I am posting all the time, be sure to sign up for my mailing list on the right.  I send out a weekly email telling everyone about what I am doing new and what I am planning to do.

I won’t spam you I promise and I won’t sell my list to anyone! The downloads and the video tutorials are free to use for people on my list.  I will send you the password to those pages as soon as you sign up and it is also in my weekly newsletter so there is no good reason not to join us here at The Crazy Cricut Lady.

The Crazy Cricut Lady Facebook Group

I have started my own Facebook group to keep in touch with everyone.  The group is called The Crazy Cricut Lady Group (surprised?).  You can find it here.

I will post anything new on the blog in the group.  I try to write a new blog post every day and group members are the first to hear about it.

The group is probably the best way to get in contact with me because I am almost always on Facebook when I’m not at my Cricut. So tell me what you think of a project or suggest something you want me to try.  Or ask a question.  I love hearing from everyone about what they are doing!  My favorite thing is to see your projects, so post a picture!

Finding My Projects Easily

These are just some of my recent projects below.  You can find them and all my projects easily by clicking any of  the menus you see at the top or side of all my pages.  The top menu can take you to projects divided by type or skill level and the side menu lists my last 10 projects as well as the projects divided by occasion.  So if you are looking for a Mother’s Day card or a birthday card or gift check out the links.  Try my tutorial on bleach shirts for something different.

Fill in Fonts Have Moved!!!!!  They are now at Creative Fabrica

I have finally given up looking for good fonts that fill in when drawn and created my own.  I haven’t created fonts for a long time so it took some time but they are finally here! The fonts are all named by my daughter and start with CMV (her initials).  They now available individually at Creative Fabrica for $1.99 each.  Get them here.

They look wonderful and eliminate the frustration over leaving huge holes in my card and scrapbook designs.  Find out the many benefits of fill in fonts here

Design Space – There is Nothing to Be Scared of.

I have noticed a lot of people are scared to try using their cricut because they open Design Space and are overwhelmed.  I filmed this tutorial set to help alleviate that anxiety for people who learn better by watching.

The videos teach almost everything.  What all the buttons are and how to use them,  how to upload images and patterns, the difference between group, weld, attach and flatten and even how to do a dynamic offset in Inkscape.  There are advanced techniques such as Slicing Multi Layer Images.  You can get to the tutorials from here  or from the menu at the top. (It uses the same password as the rest of the site)
So there really is Nothing to Be Scared of.

Shaker Card Kits are expensive.  I show you how to make them for pennies.  The SVG download files are as always free to use.  See the basic tutorial here.  And look under crafts in the drop down menus for more.

Other Places to find The Crazy Cricut Lady

I teach at Skillshare. There is a class posted already on how to make a wonderful clock and I’m working on a new one to teach how to make an SVG from your Design Space project so you can share it.   At Skillshare, they have hundreds of classes that cover just about anything you want to learn. And they will give you 2 months free just to try them out. I learned Inkscape and SCAL and even picked up some Design Space tips along with an art class and suggestions for this blog. All within my free two months

 I do get a small bonus for anyone who signs up with this link but it is at no cost to you.  

Help The Crazy Cricut Lady continue doing what I do

I have started a Patreon account because doing this for free is expensive.  If you would like to help by becoming a Patreon Supporter of The Crazy Cricut Lady Page  so go here and see my Patreon page.  I have only one level.  For $1 per month I will give you access to a unique project created specifically for my patrons.  For every 50 subscribes who support me I will add another project per month.

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  1. I love your new layout! The ease in which I can find what I am looking for is amazing. You did a great job revamping your site and I, for one, thank you immensely. I also love the color (purples are my favs).

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