1880 Town Scrapbook Page

This post is another of the Scrapbook pages for my vacation in the Black Hills  It also serves as another tutorial on creating scrapbook  pages in design Space.

In this scrapbook page I try to show the versatility of Design Space in creating unique pages for your scrapbooking.   Cricut only cuts 11.5 by 11.5 inches so that is perfect for cutting a frame for your whole page.  I realize that everyone won’t be doing this exact page but it may give you some ideas for your scrapbook page.

What You Need:
        • Download File
        • 4 sheets of 12 X 12 cardstock
        • tape and liquid glue
        • various scraps of cardstock
        • pictures
Cutting the Paper

Two of the pages of cardstock are for your background and two are for the frame and embellishments.  Cutting the embellishments all from the same paper adds cohesiveness to your page.  And when you cut them all the things from that color can be moved inside your frame to save paper.  You need a little bit of cardstock to cut the accents but that can be scraps.


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The smaller frames for your pictures are an unusual shape so use the cutouts from those little frames as patterns to cut your pictures out.  You can try to cut out your pictures with the cricut but getting them placed just right is difficult.

While making the little frames I accidentally put the liquid glue on the wrong side.  Oops! But I realized that putting them upside down matched my highlights so I did a second one that way and it worked out.  See even your mistakes can be happy mistakes.

The big frame can be awkward to work with if you use thinner cardstock so glue only a small area at first and place it down where you want it then glue the rest of it in small pieces and arrange it.

Then glue together the other embellishments and place them where you want them.

 Your page is finished.

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