Accordion Fold Butterflies to Make

You can make these accordion flod butterflies any size you want.  Someone told me once that the Explore machines couldn’t make accordion folds.  They were wrong.  The files are 2 different sizes.  For butterflies larger than six inches across use the large file for smaller butterflies use the small file.  The only difference is the number of folds in the file.

Large and small butterflies

I put both sizes in the same download file but they are in separate design space files. Download whichever you need for the size butterfly you are making.  Or get them both.

What you need
        • Scraps of cardstock
        • A piece of ribbon or a pipe cleaner
        • Download file
        • glue (optional)
Paper Selection

These accordion fold butterflies can be made from anything.  Patterned paper, vellum. two sides paper, etc.  I wouldn’t use glitter paper though.  It tends to crack when folded.  The top and bottom can be made from different paper if you want.  Both of mine use different papers.

Cutting the Paper
The top portion in the paper with the diagonal lines and scored the long way.  The bottom section is scored the short way and has no diagonals.
Assembling Accordion Fold Butterflies

First, fold in the four diagonal scores in so that you have a long piece of paper with pointed ends.  Then accordion fold both pieces of paper.  You can glue the last fold of the top to the first fold of the bottom but you don’t have to.  Mine are not glued

Tie a ribbon or pipe cleaner at the center of both pieces and make it tight.  Spread the wings out.

And the accordion fold butterflies are done!

Take a look at the back and you will see that the folded over paper creates a unique pattern.

I plan to make a bunch of these and make a mobile.  I also want to try cutting designs in the butterflies and seeing what effect that has on them.

There are just so many possibilities!!!

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