All the Pages From the Memory Book

This is a complete list of all the pages in the memory book I made From April 13-18.  This book was inspired by Crafter’s Companion and HSN Craft Day.  Make them in whatever order you want.  The downloads are all on the April 2020 Download Page.

Paper Choices

The first thing to do is choose your colors.  There are four main colors for all the pages of the memory book in the download files. They are white, pink, purple, and blue.  In the cover file I used the same colors randomly for the pink , purple and blue so that you could choose.  Once you start on the pages you will want to keep them the same throughout the project.

It takes quite a bit of paper to do this book so I suggest you buy a pack of paper to make your book.  It can be made with 8.5 X 11 paper but I suggest a 12 X 12 pad.

Finished memory book in brown
Memory Book Spine and Cover

This is where I suggest you start the memory book so you can have someplace to put all the pages when you are done with them.

All dressed up page in Browns
All Dressed Up Memory Book Page

This page can be used as a decoration page or it a photo can be slipped under the corners.

first two pages Elephant page in brown
Elephant Memory Book Page

This page is there for a decoration page.

Flower Pull out Pages in Purple
Memory Book Flower Pull Out Page

The tab on this page can be pulled out to revel a photo or decoration

Hero pull out pages with picture in pastels
Memory Book Hero Pull Out Page

This is another pull out page.  You can see how the tab can be decorated with anything you have in your craft room.

Heart Pull out Pages in Brown
Memory Book Heart Pull Out Page

Yet another variation on the pull out page.  All the pages with pullouts are different and can be decorated according to theme.

Envelope page with tickets inside
Keepsakes Envelope Page

In the picture this envelope has tickets to an amusement park, bringing back memories of that trip

Photo gallery envelope page for the memory book full of pictures
Photo Gallery Envelope Page

This envelope type page has a place for pictures and can be decorated outside based on the theme of the pictures inside

Inside a decorated envelope page
Decorated Heart Envelope Page

This page has an envelope withhidden hearts drawn on the inside for a special surprise.  Fill it with trinkets or little photos.

Napkin Fold Complex Dynamic Page in purple
Napkin Fold Surprise Gallery

This page includes a card band to hold it closed.  Put pictures inside on the two large spaces or stuff it with trinkets or maybe confetti.

Waterfall complex dynamic page for memory book with pictures
Waterfall Photo Gallery Page

Decorate each flap of this waterfall  page for a great movement pages.

Twist and Fliop complex dynamic page in brown
Flip and Twist Photo Holder

Place photos on the small squares for a special dynamic page.

Final Pages for the memory book heart drawing in brown
Heart Drawing Picture Holder Page

This page can either be a picture holder or just a pretty decorative page.  Either way it is beautiful.

Final Pages for the memory book medallion in brown
Rose Medallion Page

This rose page is purely for decoration.

Final Memory book page camera in purple
Camera Photo Page

Again this page can be purely for decoration or replace the hearts with your favorite photo.

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