Art Deco Iron Cross Father’s Day Card Design

This Iron Cross Father’s Day card is very similar to the birthday iron cross card I made previously.  But I added the hearts at the corners.  I loved the Art Deco decorations in this card and had to use them.  And I included the card band to keep the card closed.

This card will let Dad know that you are thinking about him on his day as he unfolds each layer.  It is about 3.5 inches square and requires a custom envelope unless you can find one to fit it in.  Lucky for you I have a tutorial to show you how to make one.

You will need:

Paper Selection for the Art Deco Iron Cross Father’s Day Card

The base card needs to be double sided cardstock but the overlay and embellishment pieces don’t.  I made the overlays from patterned paper and the red pieces from a foiled paper.  The base card needs to be fairly heavy (100 lb. wt. at least)

Cutting the Art Deco Iron Cross Father’s Day Card
The embellishments on this card have VERY VERY thin lines.  To cut these lines properly there are a couple of things to do.  First, clean your blade by poking it into a ball of aluminum foil.  This does not sharpen your blade.  But it does clean any sticky for the mat off of your blade.  Secondly, use a fairly sticky mat.  Fine cuts stick better and don’t pull loose and get in the way when the stickiness of the mat hold the paper down.  And thirdly, cut twice by pressing the C on your machine when the cut is done BEFORE you remove the mat.
And because the parts are very thin be careful when removing them from the mat because they will tear easily.
Sometimes when I make this card it divides the parts into two mats, sometimes it doesn’t.  They can be combined with no problem.  If you need to know how to do this watch my video
Play Video
Assembling the Father’s Day Card

The first thing to do is re crease the folds in the base card.  Open and shut the card a few times to make sure it works ok. The card is folded like these pictures.

Start with the card open.  Then fold in the right side.  And next fold up the bottom, then the top.  And finally fold over the left side.  The left side is just a little bigger than the other sides so that it will cover all the other sides.  You haven’t added the decorations yet but you can see how it folds better with them in place.

Then you can assemble the panels.  Art Glitter glue  works well for this because of the thin parts and the metal tip on the glue bottle.  After the panels are done attach them to the base card. Look at the pictures to see what goes where and glue the overlays on the card.   

And your Art Deco Iron Cross Father’s Day Card is done!  Enjoy.

Fun Facts About Art Deco
  • The name Art Deco is derived from the French phrase “Art Decoratif”. 
  • Striking geometric shapes are one of the most defining aspects of Art Deco style.
  • Art Deco architecture and decor commonly use shiny metals in their bold patterns.
  • By World War II, Art Deco styles were fading out of fashion. However, the bold designs were revived during the late ’60s and have been an influence to many artists and designers ever since.
  • Classic Art Deco style is full of rectangular forms that are arranged in geometric fashion configurations, and then artistically adorned with curved elements.
  • In Art Deco architecture, wall openings are often filled with glass blocks, allowing daylight to come in. Windows have either a square punctured opening or a round on

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