Back to School Friends Slimline Card

This is my final Back To School card for this year. It is nice that everyone is going finally going to see their school friends again! Make this card to send them off.  See the other back to school projects here.

COVID is slowly going away for the vaccinated population.  And school are going to be open for in class learning.  Wear your masks!  As slimline card, this card fits in a regular # 10 business envelope.

You will need:
Paper Selection for the Back to School Friends Card

The base card of this card is a beige and does not need to be two sided.  The rest of the card doesn’t either.  Patterns would work for the bigger pieces but the smaller ones are really too small for a big pattern,  The papers can be any weight or color as long as the pens show up on the base card.

Cutting the Back to School Friends Card

Cut the card base and the Cricut will do the writing.  The molecules on the inside are all a different color.  I wanted to test the new set of pens I bought.  One of my own fonts, CMV Doby, that fills in was used for this card.  It was so frustrating because when drawn, most fonts are only an outline.  I made these fonts myself to fill in.  Find out more about fill in fonts here including how to get mine.

The writing on the front is cut out.  The letters are separate in the SVG file but the colors are grouped in the Design Space file.  They still cut the same way and can be thin in places so be careful removing them from the mat.

Assembling the Back to School Friends Card

This one is real easy to make.  Start by re-creasing the fold line.  The inside of the card is all drawn so it should be done.

The overlay on the front is a bunch of layers.  The “Back to School” bottom layer is the light blue layer.  Start with the background and glue the other colors to it.  Then center it on the dark blue overlay.  The pencils are 5 different pieces.  First lay them out so that they fil. (I lost one of the light blue pieces so I used the center of the O in its place by mistake.)  Once you are sure of the layout, glue the pencils down.  Lastly glue the overlay to the front of the card.  There is a very thin border around it, so be sure it is centered.

And your Back to School Friends Card is done.  Remember it fits in a normal #10 business envelope.

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