Best Christmas Gifts for Crafters

People keep asking for suggestions for tools and Christmas gifts for crafters.  Here are some suggestions for the craft person in your life.  You can print this out and give it to your special someone as a suggestion list of what to get you for Christmas.

For the Cricut Owner

There is a multitude of tools and materials for Christmas gifts for crafters and Cricut owners.  For the Maker owners there are the specialty blades.  If you want a description of all of them you can find that here. If you don’t own the Maker replacement blades are always useful or consider the Deep Point Blade and holder.  Cutting Mats are another thing that Cricut users go through frequently.  Consider the Paper Studio Mats at Hobby Lobby.  They go on sale for 50% off frequently and work as well as Cricut mats.

Tools are another choice.  A set of plastic paint scrapers or picks from Harbor freight are less expensive choices for small gifts and very useful.

On the more expensive side is the Cricut Brightpad.  I got mine as a Christmas present and love it.  There are cheaper ones on amazon but they are usually smaller and some come with weeding tools.

Consider also a gift subscription to Access.  A year subscription costs about $95 and gives you a 10% discount if you buy your supplies from Cricut.  I don’t know how a gift subscription would work but I am sure Cricut has one.

For the General Paper Crafter

Most paper crafters already have a die cutting machine.  Either a Gemini or a Sizzix or an older Cuttlebug or multitudes of others would make a great Christmas gift for crafters.  I personally have three.  They always need supplies.  Folders, plates, cardstock, dies, the list goes on and on.  But if they don’t have a machine, this is a great gift!  The best in my opinion is either a Sizzix Big Shot, or The Crafters Companion Gemini or for a cheaper choice the Sizzix Sidekick.  I personally prefer the Gemini because I have had three strokes and just don’t have the upper body strength to turn the crank on my Cuttlebug (discontinued by Provocraft).

Another must have for any crafter is the Xyron sticker maker.  This machine takes any piece of paper and makes either a permanent or removable sticker.  You can even get a cartridge that tums any paper into a magnet!  I love this machine ever since I got my first one years ago.  They have redesigned it and it works so well it earned a coveted space on my work table.

The Scraparatus is another tool I really recommend.  It punches holes through anything, multiple layers of paper, plastic, leather etc.  It even has small dies you can choose to make the same thing cut through multiple layers.  I admit I don’t use these a lot but they are really neat.

If you are making cards, a scoring board is a must!  There are simple models that score straight lines.  But Crafter’s Companion makes one, called the Ultimate, that does wavy lines, shapes and boxes and all sorts of stuff.  You can even buy different plates for it and do more!  I have one and have made so many boxes with it!


Really High Priced Items
I don’t have either of these items but I have heard good things about them and seen tutorials.  Before you put these on your list, read the story below about my parents, just as a warning.  
A 3D printer is a wonderful thing.  I want one but can’t justify the expense yet.  Although they are coming down.  With the blog and Cordelia (teenagers are a lot of work) I just don’t have time to play with it.  Ken wanted one and I was going to get one for him for Christmas last year, but didn’t.
For the really expensive gift, think about the GlowForge.  They are about $3000.  I am not even putting a link.  If you want one do some research.  I have seen lots of tutorials and products made with one but that price tag is just a little much.
Shopping List Download For Christmas Gifts for Crafters
Download a shopping list and checklist.  No membership required.  Print it out, check off what you want and give it to your favorite shopper.  Let them choose. 
This reminds me of a story about my parents.  My Dad was a terrible shopper so every Christmas my Mom would give him a list of what to buy her.  The list included where to get the item and the price.  One year she decided to be funny and put a pair of emerald and diamond earrings on the list (about $700).  We weren’t rich but we had a credit card  This was a big expense and she thought he would know that.  He didn’t.  When he gave the presents to me to wrap (I was about 13 and wrapped all his presents) I thought that they were costume jewelry and didn’t think anything about it.  They weren’t.  It made a very interesting Christmas morning.  I mention this story because you should be careful what you ask for.  Some people will just get anything you suggest.  BTW she still has the earrings and treasures them but never did that again.

I am an associate with some of the companies that I link to in this post and earn a small commission if you buy through the link, but this does not add to your price.

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  1. Thank you for all your suggestions, they are very helpful 😊
    Wishing you a Super Special Birthday on Thanksgiving day.
    I love the story about your parents and the gift giving, my husband would probably do the same thing Lol. Then I would be crying afterwards 😭 again Wishing you a wonderful Blessed Birthday and Thank as well.

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