Make a Butterfly Dream Catcher

This Butterfly Dream Catcher is my second version of a dream catcher.  While teaching Cordelia how to make a regular Dream Catcher with ribbon and a metal ring, I thought why not make one from paper with my Cricut.  They both are amazing!  See the tutorial for the other version here.

It is surprisingly simple to cut out and mildly complicated to put together.  But the final result will wow anyone.  The butterflies add such a lovely touch.

What you will need

Paper Selection

I made this Butterfly Dream Catcher from metallic cardstock in a rainbow shades but the sky is the limit for colors and patterns.  You could make all the rings from the same color or make all of them in different colors.  The flowers and butterflies are cut from the same papers as the rings.



This project is easy to cut.  But it does take a lot of paper.  You need two 8.5 X 11 sheets of each color.  The butterflies and the rings are rather thin so take care removing them from the mat.

Assembling the Butterfly Dream Catcher

This is where it gets just a little complicated.  First, like I said before, the pieces are very thin and can tear while removing them from the mat.  Be careful.

To start, you need to assemble the butterflies and the flowers.  They are done by concentric size.  The color order (for my pattern colors) is pink, gold, green blue.  The pattern is repeated for the butterflies since there are eight of them on each side.  Glue only the central bodies of the butterflies, centering the body of each layer on the one below.  For the flowers center the flowers in the same order.  They are solid so they aren’t as tricky.

THe dream catcher is assembleed in the same color order, pink, gold, green, blue.  For the dreamcatcher, start by putting the first large circle down and put small pieces of foam tape all around the circle and in the middle.  Space them about an inch or so apart from each other.  Then take the next circle and rotate it slightly.  Put it on top of the first circle.  Now repeat the tape step on the second circle.  Keep repeating the foam tape and rotating the next layer slightly until the four layers are stacked (obviously don’t put foam tape on the top layer).  The sandwich should look like the picture of the other dream catcher above.  Attach a piece of string to the top (loop it through the back circle) so you can hang the dream catcher on the wall.

And your Butterfly Dream catcher is done!  Enjoy

 If you want to make a real dreamcatcher, there are instructions here

Butterfly dream catcher made with metallic papers

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