Car Birthday Card. Perfect for 16th Birthday

This Car Birthday card is perfect for a 16th Birthday! Or adjust it for a driver’s license celebration.  I have included a congratulations image so you can change the theme if you want.   Either way, they will love that you remembered them on their big day!

My nephew just turned 16 and Cordelia is about to get her license, so this card will work for either of them.  Both are celebrating!  This is a slimline card and fits in a regular business envelope for mailing.

You will need:
Paper Selection For the Car Birthday Card

I wanted to use this holographic paper for the base so I created the front overlay so that the paper didn’t have to be two sided.  If the paper you use is two sided you can delete the front overlay.  All the other parts are thin so large pattern won’t work well, but foiled or glitter paper will work and add some bling.  The papers can be any weight.

Cutting the Car Birthday Card

I included a congratulations image in both files.  Hide the one you aren’t using before cutting.  They are the same size and interchangeable.  In this tutorial I will talk about the Happy Birthday but know that the instructions work for either.

Again if your paper for the base card is two sided, you don’t need the front overlay.  Just hide it before you cut.

The some of the embellishments are thin and flexible.  Be careful when removing them from the mat and use liquid glue to attach them so that you can move them around a little when attaching them.

Assembling the Car Birthday Card

This one is real easy to make.  Start by re-creasing the fold line.  Next, glue the car cut out over the front overlay.  The cut out is just a little taller than the overlay because of the way the card was designed so line the wheels up and it will fit perfectly.  Glue the overlay to the front of the card. 

I prefer Art Glitter Glue because of the tip.  It adds glue in very thin lines so you can be very precise.  And it takes a few minutes to set so you can move whatever you are gluing a little.  And it drys clear on everything but acetate, which I need sometimes, because I am messy.  They quit shipping in October until Spring so order enough for the Winter.

Next open the card and match up the balloons and the horns.  Glue them together.  Then glue the balloons randomly on the top half of the inside of the card.  The horns and the Happy Birthday (Congratulations) go on the bottom.  Lay them out before gluing them to make sure they all fit properly.


And your Car Birthday Card is done!  See wasn’t that easy?  It fits into an #10 business envelope for mailing.

New Driver Facts
  • Different States have different rules.  In Iowa, where I live, a 14 year old can get a permit and drive themselves to school.  In other states a 16 year old can only get a permit to drive with a licensed driver.
  •  50% of drivers learn from their parents.  Wonder how many parents have nervous breakdowns teaching their teen to drive?
  • New driver’s are more likely to have an accident.

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