Card Bands or What I Learned on HSN Craft Day

Am I the only one who watches HSN Craft Day to get new ideas instead of to buy stuff?  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t steal their designs but I really get inspired. HSN has a craft day about every 6 weeks and I always find new ideas.  This time it was Card Bands.

According to Crafters Companion and Anna Griffin, card bands are a hot new trend in card making.  OK, they were trying to sell dies and they sold a lot of them.  But who hasn’t made these beautiful folding cards and can’t keep them closed?  Card Bands solve that problem.  They look so fancy too.  Here are a few examples:

These bands wrap around your cards and you can decorate them.  They keep the cards closed and look elegant.  Here are just a few examples of Card Bands in use:

Examples of Decorated Card Bands

These are all examples with cards that are here on my blog.  In the first one I use a rolled flower to decorate the band.  This creates a really  3D card and I wouldn’t try to fit this into an envelope but in the others the cards would fit into the same envelope it did before.  They are all made with things I had laying around the craft room.

How to assemble Card Bands

Cricut, as you know will only cut to 11.5 inches on a normal mat.  These all use less than that.  

First download my card band file here

Next, make the band you like out of a color that goes with your card.  Most of the cards here are pink so I made pink.  Patterns won’t work very well on bands because there are lots of cutouts.

Now fit the band around your card.  Make sure the band is a little loose.  It has to slip off for your loved one to get it off the card.  You can glue the band together in front or in back.  Try both and see what you like.  

Lastly, decorate the band.  It can be simple or complex.  Use your imagination.

Now your card will stay closed and you have elevated it to an even higher level.

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