Bernie Meme St Patrick’s Day Card to Make

This Bernie Meme St. Patrick’s Day card is sooo cute.  Whether you like Bernie Sanders or not (I think he is a little too liberal) you have to chuckle at the meme.  And I commend him for his sense of humor about the whole thing!  He is selling merchandise and donating the proceeds to charity. I got a t-shirt.

When I got a copy of this graphic, I just had to use it! This is a really simple card and the meme is just adorable!  And it fits into an A7 envelope for mailing.

You will need:
Paper Selection for the Bernie Meme Card

This card is green (duh).  If you use two sided paper for the base card, you don’t need the 5 X 7 background piece. Just hide it.  But if you want to use a patterned one sided paper you need to cut it.  

The embellishments can be cut from any paper.  Patterns or glitter and foil would work too.  I used foiled paper for the gold.

Cutting the Bernie Meme Card

Cut the card base and the Cricut will do the writing.  I used a black marker.  I used a nice fill in font called Quiltex.  You can get it free at FontBundles.  I also made my own fill in fonts because I was frustrated that when you draw fonts with Cricut, they are hollow.  To see more info on my fill in fonts chlick this link.

The pipe and the hat have several very small pieces.  Make sure you don’t lose them.  The cut out shamrock from the pot of gold was used on the inside of this card so don’t forget to save it too.

The Bernie picture is a print/cut image.  If you need help doing print/cut, there is a tutorial in the video tutorial section called “Design Space – There is Nothing to be Scared of” here.  While there, check out the other videos.

Assembling the Bernie Meme Card

This one is real easy to make.  Start by re-creasing the fold line.

You will then need to assemble the pipe and hat.  These have really small parts.  Look at the pictures above if you need help.  The hat and pipe then attach to the Bernie meme picture.  I use liquid glue for this step.  I prefer Art Glitter Glue because of the tip.  It adds glue in very thin lines so you can be very precise, especially on small pieces.  And it takes a few minutes to set so you can move whatever you are gluing a little.  It dries clear on everything but acetate, which I need sometimes, because I am messy.

Next glue the Bernie meme to the front and place the shamrocks around it.  The pot of gold goes on the inside left and the rest of the shamrocks go around the writing on the left.

And your Bernie Meme St. Patrick’s Day Card is done!  See wasn’t that easy?  It fits into an A7 envelope for mailing.

Fun Facts About the Bernie Meme
  • Bernie is selling merchandise on his website and donating all proceeds to charity but unfortunately it is all sold out right now.
  • The photo has been transposed across time and place, dropped into historical moments, movie scenes, famous paintings and more.
  • Washington-based photojournalist Brendan Smialowski took the picture.
  • The photo has gone viral,  showing up on millions of Facebook post, webpages and yes even in Crazy Cricut Lady projects.
  • Bernie’s mittens were a gift to him made by a Vermont teacher who made them out of repurposed wool sweaters and recycled plastic bottles

Homecoming Dance Scrapbook Page

This Homecoming Dance Scrapbook Page overcomes the 11.5 X 11.5  size limit of the Cricut. The frame is layered and fills the page AND even frames the picture.  This is Cordelia and her “boyfriend” Jake.  I like him a lot, but don’t tell her dad because he doesn’t approve of her dating.

Layering the large frame not only fills the page, the openness of the image shows off the carrier page underneath.  And with a frame built in it is the complete package.

What You Need:
Paper Selection for the Dance Scrapbook Page

Since the school colors are maroon and gold, that sorta dictated the colors of this page.  I added a little bling by cutting the dancers from glitter cardstock.  (I’m wondering though if I should have made them maroon.)  The bottom carrier sheet can be patterned paper.  This variegated yellow and red paper was perfect!

Cutting the Paper for the Dance Scrapbook Page

A little bit of prep work is needed, like selecting your picture and if it isn’t in electronic form, either scan it or take a digital picture of it.  I did not put Cordelia’s picture in the download file because you will want your own.  Size it to a little bigger than 3 X 5. 

The electronic picture can be uploaded and saved as a Print/Cut image is Design Space.  If you need help with uploading pictures, I will add a section at the end of this tutorial on how to do that.  If you need to know how to do Print/Cut, there is a tutorial included in Design Space- There is Nothing to be scared of videos here.  While you are there check out my other beginner tutorials there.

You also need to edit the text on the banner.  This is done by selecting the banner piece with the writing and clicking the CONTOUR button on the bottom right.  Press the hide all contour button and the writing is gone.  Type the text you want and slice it out of the banner.  For the best results, you should use a stencil font.  This eliminates gaps and holes because all of the text is connected with no holes.  Just search stencil when selecting your font.  Cricut has several good choices or you can find nice stencil fonts at Dafont for free.

Assembling the Dance Scrapbook Page
Start by offsetting the two large pieces.  Make sure you keep them under 12 X 12 so that they fit on the page.  Then glue the two pieces together.  Next, attach the picture behind the frame part of the overlay. And finally glue the whole thing to the carrier sheet.

Next, glue the two pieces of the banner together with the same offset as the big pieces.  And lastly, attach the banner and the dancers to the page following the picture above.

And Your Dance Scrapbook Page is done!.  I have a never ending group of scrapbook pages yet to do.  The next one will be my fur baby Bronx.  He is a lab but thinks he is a lap dog.

Uploading a Picture to Design Space

I included Cordelia’s picture in the Design Space file.  It is not in the SVG file.  Inkscape doesn’t work well transferring that many color layers into Design Space.  If you want to upload your own picture, that can easily be done.

First, start Cricut Design Space.  Then, start a new project.  Click the Upload button (the little cloud bottom left).  Then, click Upload Image in the center of the page and navigate to where your picture file is on your computer and select it.

Click Open.  If it is not an SVG image (most wont be) then click complex.  Remove anything that you don’t need.  Your picture, in this case. should be a rectangle and there wont be anything to remove.  Now, click continue.  Save the image as a print/cut image and it will be placed in the list of recent uploads.  Now open this project and click upload.  Select the image and insert it into your project.  Finally, size it appropriately for this project (a little bigger than 3 X 5).

Butterfly Subway Sign Made with HTVRontvinyl

I loved doing this Butterfly Subway Sign.  This subway sign is a twist on the usual.  This project uses graphics along with words.  I used the HTVRontvinyl that they sent me and will review the product at the same time. 

But what is a Subway Sign?  It is done the same way as a messy canvas in that you apply vinyl to canvas.  See that project here.  But instead of painting over it and removing the vinyl, you just stop after applying the vinyl.

I actually tried to do a messy canvas but the HTVRontvinyl stuck so well to the canvas that I couldn’t remove it!  So I had to make another and stop with the subway sign.  It still looks wonderful.

What You will need:

        • a canvas ( I used a flat 8X10 one I got at the Dollar Store)
        • HTV vinyl at least that big
        • Pick
        • Light source
        • Acyrlic craft paint
        • Foam brush
        • Heat Source (I used an EasyPress)
Picking Colors for your Butterfly Subway Sign

The colors you pick decide the tone of the subway sign.  Since this is butterfly subway sign, I chose pastels for the background.  As I said earlier, this started out as a messy canvas project so I prepared the canvas  that way.  The vinyl I chose was the yellow HTVRontvinyl.

Prepping the Canvas for Your Butterfly Subway Sign

With a foam brush paint the canvas several different colors.  Put small swatches of color all over the canvas randomly.  There is no pattern and you don’t even have to clean your brush in between colors.  Just make sure the whole canvas is covered.  Let the canvas dry overnight. 

Be careful that there are no ridges of paint.  If you take a dry brush and brush over the canvas after you are done painting it this will smooth out any ridges.  

Cutting the Vinyl for Your Butterfly Subway Sign
I wanted to try the vinyl I received on this project.  The design is done so cut the vinyl using the non Cricut brand HTV setting and change the setting to more just to make sure it cuts through all the way.  Make sure you mirror the project or your text will be backwards.
Weed the design using a weeding tool and a light source if needed.  The HTVRontvinyl cut well and I didn’t need to use my BrightPad though.
Applying the HTVRontvinyl

After you weed the vinyl, center it on the canvas.  Then iron it with an EasyPress or other type of heat press.  I used the setting of 340 degrees for 30 seconds which I selected by looking up the heat settings at the Cricut heat settings page and copying the settings for Cricut HTV.  HTVRontvinyl is a cool peel HTV so after I let it cool for about 5 minutes I pulled of the carrier sheet.  The sheet came right off.

If you have a flat canvas from the Dollar Store like me, you can iron directly on the canvas.  If you have a regular canvas that has a wood frame, the center is not stiff enough to iron on.  A easy work around for that is to roll up a towel or t-shirt and place it under the canvas.  Make sure it tucks inside the wood frame and is at least as thick as the frame.   This supports the center of the canvas. 

And your Butterfly Subway Sign is done!  Frame it or hang it as is.

Review of the HTVRontvinyl
I was impressed with how easy the vinyl weeded!  I hate weeding and this design has some really small lines and thin cuts.  It weeded like a dream!  I included a light source in the list of materials, but I didn’t need it with this vinyl.  It cut perfect on the non Cricut HTV setting and I had no problems with incomplete cuts or pulling up vinyl I didn’t want to remove.  It sticks to the carrier sheet beautifully.
Ironing went super too.  It stuck with only one try ironing.  And the carrier sheet came right off.
I have used other brands of HTV before to do messy canvas and had no problems removing it when it came time to do the messy canvas thing, but the HTVRontvinyl wouldn’t come off.  It stuck that well.  
Fun Facts About Butterflies
  • Butterfly wings are transparent.
  • A Butterfly use their feet to taste.
  • Butterflies have a liquid diet.
  • A Butterfly actually have four wings, not two.
  • Butterflies only live for a few weeks