Hello Everyone !!

Ready to start a new project?

Welcome to the Crazy Cricut Lady Blog. We are going to have such fun! I will post pictures and tutorials and files on all the projects I am working on.

To start with, I teach at Skillshare. I have a class posted already on how to make this wonderful clock. At Skillshare, they have hundreds of classes that cover just about anything you want to learn. (Well maybe not EVERYTHING, but almost.) And they will give you 2 months free just to try them out. I learned Inkscape and SCAL and even picked up some DesignSpace tips along with an art class and suggestions for this blog. I even learned how to teach on Skillshare from Skillshare. And I haven’t even used up my 2 months yet!  Here is the link.   I do get a small bonus for anyone who signs up with this link but it is at no cost to you.

If you want a list of all my tutorials click here.

If you want my download files, you need my password.  It is free and I will email it to you.  Just sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of any page and I will send you an email. The password is at the bottom of each email.  Once a week I send out a newsletter with a list of all the files I uploaded that week. (You can unsubscribe easily)

The download files can be found here.

And the Coloring with Paper download files can be found here