Voting Banner Decoration to Make

I made this voting banner because election day is coming up.  Voting has even started in part of the country.  Everyone needs to let their voice be heard.  I don’t want to tell anyone who to vote for.  Thats not my place.  Just vote.

Voting banner - Center sections

This Voting Banner would make a nice polling place decoration or a teaching aid in a classroom to start a discussion on voting.  You can make it as big as you want.  Kids could even make this as an art project!

What you will need

Paper Selection

Red, white and blue seemed appropriate for this voting banner.  The cardstock doesn’t have to be any particular weight. Pattern will work nicely for the embellishments. I think patterns would work for the banner base too, but the fireworks may not show up.


I used a silver marker to draw the fireworks.  The bigger you make the pieces, the thicker marker you will need.  Try it on one to see how it looks. 

Did you know that you can use a variety of pens in your machine?  Not just cricut pens.  Just follow the easy tips here.

Assembling the Voting Banner

This project is so easy even kids can assemble it.  The donkey and elephant embellishments are several layers.  First, glue them together with liquid glue or a glue stick.  Save all the stars cut out in the other pieces and next glue them to the letters of VOTE.  Finally attach everything to a banner piece following the picture as a guide.

Lastly, with a hole punch, make a hole in the top of each banner piece.  Put the string through the holes and your voting banner is ready to hang!

BTW is is getting colder and if you don’t have enough Art Glitter Glue to last the Winter, it is time to order more.

Female Gnome Cards You Can Make in Minutes

These are the three Halloween Female Gnome Cards I promised yesterday when I posted the female gnomes.  They are so cute and I made each one specific to that character.  If you want to see the Halloween male gnome card, it is from last week and is here.

Each card opens a different way and is easy to make.  They all fit in an A7 envelope for mailing.  They are so simple kids can even help assemble them.  All of them but the first one have a gnome pun too!  Who doesn’t love a good (or bad) gnome pun?

You will need:
Paper Selection

I did all these female gnome cards in traditional Halloween and Fall colors. Only the base card of the witch card needs to be two sides.  But the base cards all need to be at least 65 lb weight paper to hold up the card.  Patterns work well on these cards as long as you don’t use too many of them.  Just make sure the pen shows up on the first and third one.  There is no writing on the witch card.  All the writing is cut out of the overlay or an image itself on that card.

Cutting the Female Gnome cards

Cut the card base and the Cricut will do the writing.  I used a silver or gold gel pen depending on the card.  Did you know that you can use any pen in your Cricut?  You can see the trick here.  I used several different fonts and as long as you don’t change them they will write fine.

Some of the pieces are small and thin so be careful not to lose them or tear them when taking them off the mat.

Assembling the Female Gnome Cards

I would just cut one card at a time.  First assemble the gnomes.  They each are included with their card design. You can see how to do that on the female gnome page.  

Each card assembles slightly different, but they all follow the same basic technique.  Basically once they are cut out and the gnome is assembled, then attach the embellishments to the overlays.  The witch card has two score lines the others have one each.  Before assembling the female gnome cards, re-crease these fold lines.  Then attach the overlays. Finally attach the embellishments to the card bases.  You can follow the pictures and it is really easy.


And your Female Gnome Cards for Halloween are done!  Remember they fit in A7 envelopes for mailing.


If you are a real fan of gnomes, I made male Halloween gnomes here and Easter gnome bunnies at this link.  Check them both out!

Female gnomes used it cards
All 3 Female Gnomes

Create Adorable Female Halloween Gnomes

One of my followers asked me why all my gnomes were male.  They were right.  So I created these female Halloween gnomes.  They are just as adorable as the men! You can see the male Halloween gnomes here.

I also designed cards for each female  gnome specifically and will post those as soon as I get the posts written.  They are adorable!  Make sure you check back for those.

What you will need

Paper Selection

The colors these Female Halloween Gnomes are typical Halloween colors.   Be creative and use some patterned paper or maybe emboss some of the clothes for more variation.  Your imagination is the only limit.  The clothes needs to be heavier weight paper to make it strong enough to support the rest.


Cutting The Female Halloween Gnomes

This is a simple project to cut. You can make these gnomes as big or small as you want.  The limit to keep all the parts on a normal size mat is about 16-22 inches tall for each gnome. Try each gnome until all the parts fit on one regular mat.  If you want to make it them smaller the limit is about 4 inches tall or the parts become too small.  There are alot of very thin parts so be careful taking them off the mats.

Assembling the Female Halloween Gnomes

If you want to emboss some of the clothes, this is the time to do that.  

Start by gluing the hair to the underside of the hat.  For the harvest gnome the top of the hair pieces makes the band in the hat.  Next, glue the hat and hair to the dress.  Add the embellishments to the top gnome and the shoes and arms under the dress.  Placing the arms can be tricky.  Just put them where it looks good and they can hold the props.  Don’t forget the noses.

And your Female Halloween Gnomes  are done!  Have a Happy Halloween!

Make sure you check back for the cards!

If you like making gnomes I have several others like the Easter gnome bunnies. gnomes.

Female gnomes used it cards