Make a Stylish Mask So You Can Do Your Part

Everyone should be protecting the people they love by wearing a mask!  But don’t wear a plain ordinary mask.  Make a stylish mask and wear it with pride.

I tried to make my own masks and my sewing machine and I don’t get along that well.  If you want to make your own masks from scratch,  Jennifer Maker has some great tutorials at her site.

What you will need

Where to Get Masks to Make a Stylish Mask

I bought my masks from Walmart.  They have several types.  The Hanes brand is the best at about $7 for 5 masks.  You can get black (I have some designs that I will add to this post when they are done) or white masks. They all have a metal nose grip piece that keeps your glasses from fogging up.   They have another brand that has 2 white masks in it fora little cheaper too, but they don’t have nose grips.

Preparing your Vinyl Design

Cutting the Vinyl to Make a Stylish Mask

If you only knew how many times I have cut the wrong side of HTV.  LOL.  I use a pick to separate a very small part of the HTV in a space I am going to weed anyway.  It is easy to tell which side is the HTV and which side is the “paper”.  Put the “paper” side down.  BTW if you ever cut the wrong side, just turn it over and re-cut. Most brands the backing is thick enough that you didn’t cut all the way through it anyway.  It makes weeding a little more difficult because you now have two images, one reversed on the wrong side, but at least the vinyl isn’t wasted.

I always set my Cricut on custom materials to cut then you would select the material”iron on” or if you use glitter HTV, “glitter iron on” and set it to more.  This seems to work with one cutting but before you unload your mat, check to make sure it cut all the way through.  If it didn’t press the C and it will cut again.  I usually do this anyway just to make sure it is cut all the way.


Once the pattern is all cut, you need to weed it.  I have a Cricut Bright Pad.  They are about $48 at amazon.  You need some type of light source to put under the project.  Before I got the Brightpad, I used a LED lamp , a bowl and a piece of glass.  It wasn’t high tech but it worked.  Any light pad will work.  You can find others on Amazon for under $20. These designs are simple though and shinning a bright light on the top is usually enough.  I have an OTT Lite and if you have never seen one, try it.  Mine has a caddy in the base for tools and such.  They make all the difference!

 Also you will need a sharp pick.  I have a set from Harbor Freight that cost 2 or 3 dollars.  I have just found a pinpen from that works great.  While you are there look at the weeding ring.  It is great!  I used to stick the weeded vinyl to my hand but my skin had a reaction to the sticky.  The weeding ring solved that. Or I just found one at the Dollar Store.

Here is another trick that works well.  Rub a very little bit of baby powder on the back of the vinyl. You will be able to see the lines clearly.  If you do this, make sure to wipe the baby powder off with a damp rag before applying the vinyl.

Ironing to Make a Stylish Mask

I finally broke down and bought an Easy Press but I didn’t use it on these.  I have a mini iron and it fits in the small spaces easier so I used it.  These masks aren’t quite flat so make sure iron the centers flat before you start.  And make sure your design lays flat.  If you look close at the lips, I missed a small wrinkle in the fabric and the vinyl split there.

With an iron set and the highest setting without steam, warm the area you are going to put the design on then place the design where you want it.  Press fairly hard on the design in segments.  Use a lot of pressure.  You are trying to melt the material and force it between the fibers.  After you have pressed each area, go over the whole design slowly a few times.  If it doesn’t stick well try again.  Glitter vinyl is very difficult to melt.  This make take a few tries.

After it cools and I’ve taken the paper off, I always repress the design just to make sure it seals.  Use parchment paper between the iron and your design.

BTW if you are layering your vinyl, never put a layer on top of glitter vinyl.  It just wont stick.

This tutorial contains links to sellers of which I am an affiliate and get a small commission.  Your price is not affected.

4th of July Messy Canvas

I love doing this 4th of July Messy Canvas.  And Red white and Blue make the perfect color combination!  But what is a Messy Canvas?  A messy canvas is done the same way as a Subway sign in that you apply vinyl to canvas.  See that project here.  But instead of applying it to white canvas, the canvas is painted multiple colors before applying the vinyl.

4th of July Messy Canvas
4th of July Messy Canvas

Then the vinyl is used as a stencil, paint is applied over the canvas and the vinyl, then the vinyl is removed leaving the multicolored canvas below.  The effect is very dramatic.  They are difficult to design but I have already done that part for you.

What You will need:

        • a canvas ( I used a flat 8X10 one I got at the Dollar Store)
        • Removable vinyl at least that big
        • Pick
        • Light source
        • Red White and Blue acyrlic craft paint
        • Foam brush
        • Stencil brush
Picking Colors

The colors you pick decide the tone of the messy canvas.  Since this is Independence Day, I chose red white and blue.  This project uses a lot of fonts.  And in this original I made two mistakes.  Independence is spelled wrong and there are two libertys.  I fixed those in the download file.

Prepping the canvas

With a foam brush paint the canvas several different colors.  Put small swatches of color all over the canvas randomly.  There is no pattern and you don’t even have to clean your brush in between colors.  Just make sure the whole canvas is covered.  Let the canvas dry overnight.  Below is an example of the Halloween Messy Canvas I did.

Be careful that there are no ridges of paint.  If you take a dry brush and brush over the canvas after you are done painting it this will smooth out any ridges.  When dry it should look like this one.

Painted canvas
Painted Canvas
Applying the vinyl

It is better to use removable vinyl at this point since you will be taking it off later but permanent vinyl works too.  It is just a tiny bit harder to get off if you let it sit for more than a week.  Design and cut the vinyl as you did in the subway sign.  If you need to review the tutorials for that project it is here.

Applying the Top Coat
When you apply the top coat of paint, use a stencil brush and try not to push the paint around.  Just dab it on.  If you try to brush the paint on it will get underneath the vinyl and you will not get clean lines.  This was the a small problem with the4th of July Messy Canvas, but it looks OK.  You can see that none of the lines are as crisp as they should be.
Once the whole canvas is covered let the paint dry overnight.
Finishing the Project
Once the paint is dry, remove the pieces of vinyl carefully.  Do not scratch the areas where there is no vinyl.  The vinyl will come up fairly easily.  You should have nice crisp lines and the mosaic colors below should show through nicely and even more randomly.  
Once you have removed all the vinyl, your 4th of July Messy Canvas project is done.

Super Dad Father’s Day Card

I think my Dad was Super Dad. I bet you do too. This Super Dad Father’s Day card will tell him that too. The center is made with vinyl making placing the little pieces easier. The center open up and pops out.  It reminds me of Superman opening up his shirt.  So I put those images around the center.

I don’t work with vinyl a lot but with this card it made the card so much easier to place the little pieces.  Cutting the white center from vinyl held everything in place perfectly.  If you have never tried this technique, you should!

You will need:
        • lots of shades of blue cardstock
        • white vinyl
        • Glue
        • Transfer paper and weeding tools
        • Download File
Paper Selection

The base of this Super Dad Father’s Day Card doesn’t needs to be two sided and because of all the layers doesn’t have to be heavy weight at all.  Patterns would work well with any part of this card.  Just don’t use too many patterns.  This would get confusing.

You can use removable or permanent vinyl.  It doesn’t matter.

Cutting the card
The vinyl, as I said, can be removable or permanent.  I had some that I wasn’t sure which type the vinyl was and this was the perfect project to use it up.  If you need help weeding and transferring vinyl, look at my vinyl basics tutorial here.
The rest of the card cuts easily.


Assembling the Super Dad Father’s Day Card
This card has lots of layers.  Start by re creasing all the folds.  The center light blue piece will fold like the picture below.  The vertical fold lies flat but is there to help with positioning the other pieces on top.
Fold instructions for the Super Dad Father's Day Card
Transferring The Vinyl

Once you have the vinyl cut, weeded and on the transfer paper, place the dark blue pieces on top of it with the top side down.  Stick them to the vinyl and transfer paper.  Then take the vinyl and dark blue triangles off the transfer paper.  I would use weak hold transfer paper or you will tear the triangles.  I used contact paper that I had used before and it came right off.  You can then glue the dark triangles to the light blue piece above in the right spots.  Look at the picture if you need help.

Assembling the rest of the Super Dad Father’s Day Card
First assemble the layers of the inside of the card (the dark blue and medium blue squares).  Next, glue the top and bottom diamonds of the big diamond to the base card in the center.  Do not put glue on the other parts or your cared will not close properly.  Glue the superman images around the edges.  Then tuck the center edges of the big diamond in and close the card.  Open and close it a few times to make sure it works OK.

Then glue the layers on the front of the card.

And your Super Dad Father’s Day Card is done!  It fits into an A2 envelope for mailing.