Celtic Knot Encouragement Card

This Celtic Knot Easel Card is easy to make.  It will tell that special person that you believe in them and that they can accomplish anything.  Encourage them to do their best.  And tell them that you are thinkng about them as they try.  And you can encourage The Crazy Cricut Lady too.

I am trying this again this month.  The download is only available to my patreons.  You can become a patreon for only $1 here.  The tutorial is still free.  This is a change to my patreon structure too.  I have eliminated the higher levels and only have the basic level which is only $1 per month.  Help support what I do here at The Crazy Cricut Lady.

You will need:
        • Heavy cardstock for the base
        • vellum
        • Pen
        • Glue
        • Foam Tape
        • Thin ribbon (optional)

Cutting the Card

I made this card in blue but a small and/or a light pattern works too. Just make sure the pen you choose shows up on the paper.  You can use any pen in your cricut.  See how here.  

The center piece (lt blue piece) is cut from vellum.  Be careful cutting vellum.  Make sure it sticks to the mat completely or it will tear.  I squeegee mine down to make sure it sticks well.

Cut the card base and the Cricut will do the writing.  A gold sharpie.  I used the font Ambrechild Script on this card.  You can get it at Creative Fabrica.  I have a membership there so I got it for free.  Check out their memberships.  I pay $9 per month because I got a special deal.  Get on their mailing list and watch for that deal again!  They also have daily freebies.


The first thing you want to do is weave the small strips of paper in and out of the top base card.  Start on the back and glue it down.  The end will finish under the top base card.  Glue it to the back of the base card.  Repeat this step for all three strips.  You can use thin ribbon for this also.  I tried gluing the top and bottom partially together and weaving it through both cards.  I only recommend trying this if you have a lot of patience but it does look very nice.

Next, re-crease the folds and fold both score lines.  The vellum piece goes between the two base cards.  Make sure you line up the creases well.  Using liquid glue first attach the top part of the back copy of the base card to the vellum.  After that is attached, glue the top part of the front base card.  After that dries, glue the bottoms of the base cards together, making sure the ribbon is still hidden between them.

Work the card a few times to make sure it will fold and stand.  

Lastly, attach the little Celtic Knot (with the two pieces glued together) with a piece of foam tape to make it stand above and act as a stop for your easel.

And your Celtic Knot Easel Encouragement card is finished.

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