Christmas Box Card to Make Yourself

This Christmas Box Card will impress whoever gets it this Christmas.  Wonderfully interactive, this card is a gem.  And it is 3D and sits on the mantle nicely.  It is really simple to make and I am going to show you how.

This card is filled with Christmas images that will bring fond memories to anyone who opens it.  And it says Merry Christmas in three different languages.

What you need:
Paper Selection

I used a patterned paper for the outside.  It doesn’t show up a lot when the card is open but you see it when the card is closed.

Closed Christmas Box Card

I made all the embellishments from gold or silver foiled paper.  You can use anything you like, but I would stay with Christmas colors.

Cutting the Files

The words are very delicate so be careful when taking them of the mat.  I had to piece them back together because they tore a little.


First glue the embellishments on the panels.  There are three different shapes of the green panels.  The works go on the square pieces, the gold pictures go on the rectangles.  The toy soldier and Santa go on the taller rectangles.

Re-crease the fold lines with a Popsicle stick. Form a cube with the large shape.  The flaps should fold to the outside. Glue the tab to the box with liquid glue and let it dry.  I did this mock up in blue and orange so that you could see it better.

Fold and glue the box so it looks like this

Folded Long Rectangle
Folded Long Rectangle

Fold the long rectangle so that it looks like this. Put glue on the tabs at the end and the skinny sections that will touch the box.

This may take a few tries to get it right.  Make sure the box opens properly and adjust the spacing if you have to.  A tape runner works best for this step because it allows re-positioning.

Expanded Box
Expanded Box




When you expand it back to a cube the box should look like this.

Decorating Your Christmas Box Card

Work the box a few times before you go on to make sure it flattens.  

Then glue on the printed panels.  The tall ones go in the back. The panels with the words go on the folded down tabs and the smaller rectangles go around the outside.

Cut small “posts” from the green scraps to attach the silver embellishments to and glue the other end to the slats on the inside of the box.

Finally attach the candy, candy cane and tree to little thin scraps of paper and glue the other end of the scraps on various inside slats.  Make sure that when the card closes that they fit inside or you will need a bigger envelope.

And your Christmas Box Card is done!  Enjoy

Christmas Box Card

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