Make Christmas Coloring With Paper Bling

Christmas coloring with paper creates wonderful embellishments for your cards and scrapbook pages.  I wanted some bling and had lots of foil and glitter cardstock scraps to use up.  They turned out wonderfully!  Below I will show you how you can even use the extra outlines.

If you need to, read the general instructions before you start.  If you have done other coloring with paper projects, you may not need to.  Once you are sure you understand the basics, download the Christmas coloring with paper SVG File.  The instruction sheet in the download file explains how to upload it to Design Space.


You will need:

Paper Choice and Cutting

Cut the outline from the black cardstock. Do not make the file any smaller than 5 inches tall or the black lines get too thin.  This makes the all the Christmas coloring with paper projects a good size for cards and scrapbook pages.

Stick the outline to the contact paper and re-cover it with the protective backing paper.

Cut out the various pieces from paper scraps in your scrap bin.  I used glitter and foil cardstock.  But you can use any color palette or weight paper you want. Just fill them in with paper that looks good to you.  You will be cutting the projects several times to get your colors.  Keep the outlines.  They are very useful.  I made some projects with them too.  See them at the end of this tutorial.

Placing the Pieces

Start placing the various color pieces on the projects inside the outlines with the tweezers. 


When all the open spaces are filled, check to make sure all the paper is secure.  Press the protective sheet over everything and press sorta hard.  Anything that seems loose, glue down with the liquid glue and let dry for at least 30 minutes.  The glitter paper doesn’t stick well so you will be gluing a bunch.

Finally, with scissors cut away the contact paper around the outside leaving as much of the outside black line as you can.

Use the finished pieces as you like.  Here I made a some simple cards using the blank cards I bought a while ago. 

Easy Ways to Get Rid of Excess Glitter

Fingernails: To remove glitter nail polish, moisten a cotton ball with acetone, place it on the nail, secure it with an elastic band or wrap it with tinfoil, and leave it there for a few minutes. The acetone will practically melt away most of the polish that’s sticking the glitter to the nail, which makes removal very easy.

The face: According to makeup artist Hannah Levy Nunes, when you’re applying makeup and get glitter in an area where you don’t want it, the quickest way to get it off is by using adhesive tape. Try to use tapes specifically meant for the skin, such as a micropore medical tape, for example.

The face and body after partying: To get the glitter to come off easily with water, apply a little cream makeup remover or even conditioner. Just be careful not to rub too hard, or else you might irritate the skin.

Hair:  Separate the part that you slathered with glitter and saturate it with conditioner. Pass a fine-tooth comb through it, and then rinse thoroughly. Then simply wash your hair as you normally would.  If, after shampooing, there are still some remnants of glitter, when your hair is dry, you can then use paper towels sprayed with a little hairspray and dab the area with the sticky towels to remove the excess pieces of glitter.

–taken from 9 Incredible Facts about Glitter

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