Christmas Ornaments

This is a list of all my Christmas ornaments tutorials.  Whatever Christmas ornament  type you are trying to make, if I tried it, I posted it.  You can find the tutorials here.

Just click on the read more button to see the whole tutorial.  Download links are included inside each project.  I will post Christmas ornament designs in November and December so check back during that time to find more each year.  2019 Christmas ornament designs are listed under the Ornament Week Page and individually here both.

So pick your poison and enjoy.  If you have any questions you can post a comment, email me, or post the question at my Facebook Group, The Crazy Cricut Lady Group.

Decorating your Arabesque ornaments - Large sized

Decorating Your Arabesque Ornaments

Decorating your Arabesque ornaments can be hard.  They are everywhere across the web.  And they look so beautiful!  I will make it simple for you.  ...
Sizing your Arabesque Ornaments - the basic shapes involved

Sizing Your Arabesque Ornaments

Arabesque tile Ornaments are all over Pinterest.  I even bought some SVGs to get an idea of how to make them.  There was  one BIG ...
Front of the double twirl ornament card

Impressive! Double Twirl Ornament Card

All of you know how much I love making twirl cards. This double twirl ornament card is no exception. Two, count them, two twirling ornaments! ...
Cut out Christmas Ornament

Make These Easy Cut Out Christmas Ornaments

These cut out Christmas ornaments are simple to make and are a wonderful starter project.  You just need a wooden disk that I got at ...
Christmas Gift Tags

Simple Christmas Gift Tags

These Simple Christmas Gift Tags are easy to make.  I will never buy gift tags again!  They are very similar some of the ornaments I ...
Designing a Floating Ornament

Designing a Floating Ornament

A Floating Ornament is easy to make but designing them must follow certain rules. In this tutorial I first give you six of my designs ...
Paper Treat Basket Ornaments

Paper Treat Basket Ornaments

These Paper Treat Basket Ornaments allow you to have treats IN your tree as well as UNDER it. And they are easy to make! Yes ...
Paper Spiral Ornaments For Your Tree

Paper Spiral Ornaments For Your Tree

These Paper Spiral Ornaments look a lot like the Halloween Spirals I made last month (For ideas on what else you can do with them ...
Paper Angel Ornaments

Paper Angel Ornaments

For Friday's first ornament I have made these four cone type Paper Angel Ornaments. I try to include all types of embellishments possible for my ...
Oval Honeycomb Ornaments

Honeycomb Christmas Tree Ornaments

I am in love with making these Honeycomb Christmas Tree Ornaments.  They are so classy.  I will show you how I made mine.  And I ...
Simple Paper 3D Ornaments

Simple Paper 3D Ornaments

The second ornament for Wednesday is a simple Paper 3D Ornament. It reminds me of the ornaments I made as a kid. Of course I ...
Snowball Fight Filled Bulb Ornament

Filled Bulb Ornaments for Your Tree

Wednesday, with these Filled Bulb Ornaments I want to show how simple these ornaments can be.  Ornaments don't have to be complicated.  Sometimes just filling ...
Simple Paper Ornaments Kids Can Make

Simple Paper Ornaments Kids Can Make

These Simple Paper Ornaments are Tuesday's second set of ornaments. They are simple to make but I will show you ways to jazz them up ...
Big Santa Paint Ornaments

Homemade Bulb Paint Ornaments

Bulb paint ornaments are just as easy as glitter ornaments.  I will show you how to make the basic ornament and then some fancy variations ...
Types of bulb ornaments

Ornament Week Tutorials

This page will grow each day of Ornament Week.  Be sure to check each day for a new ornament.  Just click on the title and ...
How to Make Glitter Ornaments

How to Make Glitter Ornaments

Glitter ornaments are all the rage at Christmas time. I will show you how to make the basic ornament and then some fancy variations on ...
What you Need to Make Bulb Ornaments

What you Need to Make Bulb Ornaments

Glass or plastic bulb ornaments are all the rage at Christmas. They can be beautiful but difficult to make sometimes. There are a few supplies ...

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