Christmas Twist and Flip Card

You have all seen a Twist and Flip Card (sometimes called the pop and twist) on Pinterest.  I made this one with a Santa Christmas Theme.  It turned out beautiful!

Tell that someone special that you and Santa know how good they have been this year with this Twist and Flip Card.  And it fits nicely in an A2 envelope.

What you need:
Paper Selection

The main base card is cut from a patterned Christmas paper. This works well for the background.  The only requirement is that it is a fairly heavy paper to give the card some stiffness.  The panels are gray.  Patterned paper here wouldn’t work well unless it is a very subtle pattern.

The intricate pieces were cut from red foil paper.  I think this gives the card sparkle but and plain paper would work.  Patterns are just too busy for these embellishments

Cutting Out the Card

I used a red glitter pen to draw the writing on this card.  Did you know that you could use any pen in your Cricut?  Follow this link  to learn the trick.  The font used on this card is one I created called CMV Pinstripe.  It is an excellent writing font.  Find out more about it here

The intricate cuts on this card can make it difficult to weed out the little scraps of paper.  Make sure you use enough pressure to cut through the paper.  If you aren’t sure, you can tell the Cricut to cut again by not removing the mat and pressing the C again.  It will re-cut the paper in the exact same spots as long as you don’t remove the mat.


The assembly of this card is very complex and if anyone has trouble after trying contact me.  I will try to help.

The first thing to do is glue the embellishments to the panels.  Look at the pictures to see how this is arranged.

After cutting the base card, re-crease the folds and work them a bit.  I cut the base card pieces out of blue and orange so you could see more clearly how they are assembled.

First, fold the center piece like this picture and even out the ends with scissors if necessary.

Then, the long rectangle is folded like the first picture and then fitted into the other piece  with half above one of the tails and one below.

The first picture shows how the pieces should fit together.  Draw with a pencil a light box on the orange piece around where the two pieces intersect.  I used a pen so that it could be seen better.

glue spot

Next, unfold the piece you drew on and divide that box in half.  place liquid glue on the little box closest to the outside edge.

Refold the orange piece and slide it back in place and press down to set the glue.  I put a glass on top of it until the glue dried. 

Finishing the Card

Glue the large grey inner panels  to the inside of the card.  Tape glue is fine for this.  Unfold the base card and place the point of the  triangle of the two center pieces in the center of the base card (after the glue is dry).  Lastly, with liquid glue, stick both sides of the triangle to the base card.  Liquid glue is a must for this step because it holds better and is more permanent.

For this picture I don’t have the  gray inside panels installed, but you will have already done that.  Make sure to turn the card over and glue the top and bottom triangle to the card.  Set it aside until all the glue is dry.

The last step is to attach the front panel and the small panels on the inside.  Look at the picture to see where they go.

And your Christmas Twist and Flip Card is done.  Enjoy!

Remember, it fits in an A2 envelope.

Twist and Flip card for Christmas
Twist and Flip card for Christmas

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