Thanksgiving Place Cards Your Kids Can Color

Your kids need something to do Thanksgiving morning.  Why not have them color these adorable Thanksgiving place cards.  They are super easy to make and the kids feel like they helped.

They can easily be personalized to match your family.  And Timmy and Suzy will be helping to get dinner ready without being underfoot.

What you will need
Paper Selection

The Thanksgiving place cards need to be a solid color.  A light pattern might work.  You cannot use glitter or foiled paper.  The crayon doesn’t show up.


The cricut draws everything on the place cards so this is a really easy project. You can easily just change the names to whatever suits your family.  I used a font called Bubble Double from Creative Fabrica. I have a membership there so it was free.   Check them out!  Any bubble type font can be used though.


There really is nothing to assemble.  Just re-crease the folds and they are done.  Then your kids can color them and each one is then unique.  And the kids are kept busy and not underfoot.  Grandma and Grandpa will love to take them home and display them.

All the Thanksgiving Place cards

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