Coloring with Paper – It’s Amazing

I have discovered the most amazing technique.  I call it coloring with paper.  When I first saw the technique it was done with dies.  Because I loved it so much, I’ve adapted it to Cricut.  You can make the most wonderful embellishments for your cards and scrapbook pages and can be so relaxing, as relaxing as coloring for adults!

This tutorial will teach the general technique for the Coloring with Paper method.  Each project will have its own post to explain papers used and any special notes for that project.   You can see the other project by using the “Type” menu above and selecting “Coloring with Paper”.

Each Coloring with Paper project starts the same way.  
        1. First cut the outline out of black cardstock.  
        2. Attach the outline to the sticky sheet.  
        3. Then cut out the colors of the project.  
        4.  With tweezers, attach the paper in the appropriate spot.
        5. Cut out the project, removing the extra backing paper.
        6. You now have a beautiful piece of art to use in the project of your choice.

Now some details and secrets about each step.

1.  Cut the outline out of black cardstock.

Other colors can be used but black looks best.  The black is easy to see and doesn’t conflict with any other colors. I use Astrobright cardstock.  It has a solid core and is fairly heavy.

2.  Attach the outline to the sticky sheet.

Cut the sticky sheet to be just a little larger than your project.  Which sticky paper to use depends on what you are going to use the project for. 

If you are going to use it as a scrapbook page embellishment or anything that doesn’t move alot, then any contact paper or even Cricut transfer paper will do.

If you are putting the project on a card or something that is going to move around, I recommend Cricut High Grip Transfer paper or Duck Dry Erase Contact Paper. Both worked great for me.  And both kept the parts attached through lots of movement.

Do not touch the sticky sheet with your fingers.

The oils on your skin will cause the paper to lose its stickiness.  Always use the tweezers whenever you attach paper and place the protective sheet over the design that you are not working with.  

You can put a drop or two of liquid glue on any paper that doesn’t stick well but you cannot work with the project until that glue drys.  I suggest waiting until you are all done and attach anything that is loose with the liquid glue, then set the project aside for at least 30 min.

3.  Cut out the colors of the project.

Each project tutorial lists what paper I use but be creative and use what you want.  These projects can be made with scraps from your scrap bin.  I know you have one.  We all do.  The butterflies and mandalas used up gobs of my scrap paper bin.

4.  With tweezers, attach the paper in the appropriate spot

A good set of tweezers is a must for these projects.  I recommend a pair with pointy ends and that close when you let go of them. 


Tweezers used for coloring with paper
5.  Cut out the project, removing the extra backing paper.

Finally, cut as close to the outside black outline as you can.  Make sure to leave a lot of the line.  I recommend a fine point pair of scissors to get into the corners.  This is where it is better to use a clear contact paper if you can.

6. You now have a beautiful coloring with paper piece of art to use in the project of your choice.

Use the coloring with paper project in a scrapbook page or on a card as an embellishment.  Your imagination is the only limit.  Below are some of the projects I made.

I would love to see what you did.  Email me a picture or post it in my Facebook group.  I may start a gallery with everyone’s project.

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