Common Questions and Answers to Them

As I look at the Facebook groups there are a lot of common questions.  I will try to answer some of the big ones here.

Basic  Questions

Where do I find beginner tutorials?

The “Design Space – There is nothing to be scared of” tutorials cover beginner and advanced topics and they are free.  Find the begginer video tutorials here Also my projects are divided into skill level.  You can find a list of beginner tutorials in the menu above or click this link to see a list of beginner projects.

How do I load a font into Design Space?

To load a font into Design Space, first you have to unzip it.  Then install the font on your computer.  To do this right click the name of the font and on the menu that appears click install for all users.  Do it this way so the font will show up in all your programs.  Open Design Space again and it will be in your font list.

My project doesn’t cut the first time.

Check your cut settings.  Is it set to the right type of paper or vinyl?  If that doesn’t help, cut the project a second time.  Do not unload the mat first.  Then press the C on your machine.  It will cut again over the same lines.

My machine stopped in the middle of a cut.  What happened?

This happens when your wifi or bluetooth cuts out for just a second.  Reload the mat and cut again.  It SHOULD cut the exact same line.

What is the biggest size for  Print/Cut?

The maximum print area size for Print Then Cut images is 9.25″ x 6.75″ even if you printer can do larger.


Common Questions About SVGs

How do I load an SVG?

First you need to unzip the file.  Then go to Design Space.  Click the upload button and browse to where the SVG is located.  Double click the file name and click save.

My download SVG doesn’t appear when I try to load it into Design Space.

Design Space doesn’t always load outside SVGs into the visible area of the screen.  I have asked Cricut why and they don’t know so I developed this work around.  Try resizing the project or changing the X or Y values at the top of the mat.  That should put it on the screen.

How do I copy a design from Design Space to share with someone else?

There is no way to copy a design directly.  You can share the project link if the person has design space and you didn’t use any outside SVGs or you can take a screenshot of the Design Space project and share that file.  (To take a screen shot use the snip and sketch tool app that comes with Windows 10).  I have a video tutorial series that teaches how to make an SVG with Inkscape


Common Questions About Vinyl

Where do I buy vinyl?
JoAnns or Michaels have good sales sometimes but if you shop online the best place is 651 Vinyl.
I can’t see the lines to weed.
If you are not using a Brightpad (or other light source) under your project, try that.  If you are or that doesn’t help, rub baby powder over the cuts.  This should help you see them.  Be sure to wipe the baby powder off when you are done weeding.
Can I use other brands of shirt with Infusible ink?
Yes as long as they are 60% polyester
What is the best vinyl for car windows?
If you are putting it on the outside use permanent vinyl.  If you are putting it on the inside use either permanent or removable.
How do you remove permanent vinyl?
You can catch an edge with a pick then pull it off. (permanent just means is sticks better, it really isn’t permanent).  Any residue can be taken off with rubbing alcohol.

What transfer tape works best?

People use contact paper, masking or painters tape, even Glad Press and Seal.  They all work fine, many as well as the  Cricut brand and are cheaper.  Press and Seal works best on small projects.  It is just too flexible for large projects.  Sometimes I use painter’s tape.  It works well on smaller projects.

Which side of the HTV do I cut?

If you only knew how many times I have cut the wrong side of HTV. LOL.  I use a pick to separate a very small part of the HTV in a space I am going to weed anyway.  It is easy to tell which side is the HTV and which side is the “paper”.  Put the “paper” side down.  BTW if you ever cut the wrong side, just turn it over and re-cut. Most brands the backing is thick enough that you didn’t cut all the way through it anyway.  It makes weeding a little more difficult because you now have two images, one reversed on the wrong side, but at least the vinyl isn’t wasted.

How can I tell what type of vinyl I have?

Separate a corner like you would above.  If the color side is sticky then it is either removable or permanent vinyl.  HTV is not sticky.  If the vinyl paper backing doesn’t say you can’t really tell if it is removable or permanent so mark it with a permanent marker before you put it away.

Computer and Printer Questions

What Printer do I need?

Pretty much any ink jet printer will work with Design Space.  Some of the nicer ones will print 12 X 12 but this doesn’t change the print then cut sizes you can cut.  Laser printers do not work with vinyl (they “melt” vinyl) but they work with Design Space and print then cut.  Choose a printer that takes cardstock.  Not all of them do.

What computer is NOT compatible with Design Space?

Design Space will not work on chromebooks. Also design space does not work with internet explorer.

Can my Expression connect to Design Space?

No.  The expression only works with cartridges.  Cricut Craft Room will connect with your expression if you can find a copy, but Cricut does not support that software anymore.

If you have any other questions, let me know and I will include them in this common questions and the asnwers to them page.

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