Make A Congratulation on Your Vaccine Card

I am not making a political statement with this Congratulations on your vaccine card.  Getting the vaccine is a personal choice.  But for those who want to say congrats, this card is for you.

This card is 5 inches square and you can find those envelopes at Hobby Lobby or you can make your own custom envelopes with the tutorial here.  I used to hate making my own envelopes, but after learning how, I do it all the time now.  They are just so much more personal and unique.

You will need:
Paper Selection

I chose to make this Congratulations on Your Vaccine card in pastel colors.  Use whatever colors you like.  Nothing needs to be two sided but the base card does need to be at least 110 lb. wt.

Cutting the Congratulations on Your Vaccine Card

This card is fairly easy to cut.  The all the embellishments do have some very intricate cuts so be careful removing them from the mat.  You may want to cut a few extra Ys for the virus image.  Just copy them and throw away the extras.

I used a red marker to draw this card text.  A font called Chintya was used and you can get it at Dafont for free.

I use almost exclusively Access images in my designs.  I do this so that anyone with Access can make these projects for free and I know that everyone, whether they have Access or not at least can get to these images,  That said Access is really a great deal.  The thousands of images allow me to find almost anything I want and is a great time saver.  And now that Access members have unlimited uploads, it is an even better deal.  So consider an Access membership.  You can pay for just one month to try it out or buy it for the year and save a little.  Access members also get a 10% discount at Cricut and sometimes Cricut has sales for Access members only

Assembling the Congratulations on Your Vaccine Card

Start by re-creasing the folds.  The folds right next to the center diamond are mountain folds and the diagonal lines are valley folds.  The overlays fit between the fold lines.

I designed the Covid virus from scratch.  The Covid virus is made by gluing the Ys to the light blue circle.  You can do it randomly but it looks best by gluing two of them in the center.  Then glue four around them.  And then glue the others around the edge.  See the picture above for one configuration, but there are others.  The needles are made by gluing the red under the outline.

Assemble the overlays using the pictures above.  Then glue them to the card.

A word about glue.  I only use Art Glitter Glue.  Contrary to the name, it does not have glitter in it.  It was first developed to glue glitter onto stuff.  It has a fine tip that makes it a dream to apply to thin cuts, and sticks better than any other glue I have tried.  They don’t ship to cold areas in the winter so it won’t freeze, but it is getting warmer and they have started shipping to my area (Iowa) again, so get yours again now!

And your Congratulations on your vaccine card is done!  And it fits into a 5 inch square envelope for mailing. 

Facts about the COVID 19 Vaccine

This is where I get a little poltical.  Sorry.  But it is my site.  First a little about my background.  I am a biochemist and did DNA and mRNA research for years.  So I know a little about what I am talking about.  I would love to hear your vaccine stories in the comments.  

  • The odds of dying after getting a COVID-19 vaccine are virtually nonexistent.  According to recent data from the CDC, you’re three times more likely to get struck by lightning.
  • Your DNA cannot be altered by the vaccine.  Your DNA is in your cell’s nucleus and there are many safeguards in your cells and mRNA can’t get into the nucleus.
  • You have lots of mRNA in your cells that you need.  mRNA is like a blueprint for making proteins like hemoglobin and insulin.  The vaccine just tells your cells how to make the spiked protein.  Not the whole virus.
  • You cannot “catch” COVID from the vaccine.  There is NO virus in the vaccine.
  • Your immune system is a wonderfully intelligent design.  Once it sees the spiked protein, it builds a “mitten” around it that stops it from binding to your cells and then remembers what the spiked protein looks like.  When it sees it again, it builds more “mittens” to stop the virus.
  • mRNA technology is not new.  Research into this type of vaccine has been going on for about twenty years.  This is just the latest application and the vaccine was developed so fast because governments and regular people, including Dolly Parton, have given limitless money to end the pandemic and removed funding limits on normal vaccine development.  All vaccines could develop this fast with unlimited funding.
  • There is no evidence that the vaccine can lead to infertility. However, pregnant women who contract COVID are at a much higher risk of severe and long term complications. 

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