Corn Palace Scrapbook Page

This scrapbook with Cricut page teaches what Cricut can do for you when scrapbooking.  The Corn Palace was someplace we just had to stop being from Iowa.  Who knew South Dakota had such a place.  We had to say “We were EAR” and other CORNy phrases like that.  Cordelia was embarrassed by her parents and their puns.

Our vacation scrapbook pages fill a whole book and I’m not done yet.  I hope to show you how to scrapbook with Cricut when creating pages.  You can make beautiful embellishments for your pages with the flatten tool and the print then cut feature.  You can also draw wonderful borders.  The flatten tool is explained in my series Design Space – There is Nothing to be Scared of if you are not familiar with using it.  Check the series out if there is anything about Design Space you want to learn.

What You Need:
Paper Selection

One of the 12 X 12 cardstock sheets can be patterned paper but not both.  It makes it just too confusing.   The paper can be any weight you want. 


Cutting the Corn Palace Scrapbook Page

When you scrapbook with Cricut, the machine can draw the writing and the corn border at the top of each page.  I used a black pen.  It will also print the palace image on your printer  for you and cut it out as one piece.

Design Space cuts the top page to 11.5 X 11.5 inches, making a 1/4 inch border around the whole page.  I need to buy some corn scrapbook paper to make the under sheet from so that is not included in the pictures. I live in Iowa.  It won’t be hard to find.

The little embellishments can be combined into on mat.  If you don’t know how to do that watch my video.

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First assemble the embellishments with glue.  Any type of glue will do but liquid glue works best.  Then attach the pictures.

Now you can attach the two pages together with the top page centered on the bottom page.  Notice how the edges show the back color. Then glue the embellishments on the page.

 Your Corn Palace Scrapbook with Cricut page is finished.  Enjoy the puns.  I hope you learned how helpful it can be to scrapbook with Cricut.

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