Crazy Horse Scrapbook Page

This Crazy Horse Scrapbook page is about our vacation again.  It also serves as another tutorial on creating scrapbook  pages in Design Space.

With this page some of the Indian artwork was just to detailed to cut from cardstock and try to glue it. That was just too hard.  So I decided to cut them from vinyl.  It doesn’t really matter if it is permenant or removable.  Either will work.

What You Need:
        • Download File
        • 4 sheets of 12 X 12 cardstock
        • tape and liquid glue
        • pen
        • painters tape or transfer paper
        • weeding tools
        • vinyl
        • various scraps of cardstock
        • pictures
Paper Selection for the Crazy Horse Scrapbook Page

One set of the 12 X 12 cardstock sheets can be patterned paper but not both.  It is just too confusing.  The white on these pages is vinyl.  The intricate close cuts are difficult to glue down with cardstock but vinyl will stick to paper too.  I chose shades of brown for these pages.  It just seemed appropriate.  

Cutting the Paper

Cricut will write the words on each page.

Design Space cuts the top page to 11.5 X 11.5 inches, making a 1/4 inch border around the whole page.


Assemble all the embellishments.  Cut and weed the vinyl for the white pieces.  The Indian face and leaves stay in proportion and lined up that way.  Since the pieces are small, I used painters tape as the transfer medium.  First attach the vinyl to the top sheets and then add the other embellishments and your pictures.  

Now you can attach the two pages together with the top page centered on the bottom page.  Notice the border around the top page.  I think it adds a touch extra to the page.

 Your Crazy Horse Scrapbook Page is finished.  I hope you learned that vinyl sticks to paper and can make the intricate and small pieces easier to handle.

Crazy Horse 2 page Layout

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