Create This Vinyl Layering Flower Project Easily

Layering vinyl, whether it is regular vinyl or HTV, there are some tricks that can help.  With this tutorial you will see how to create this HTV vinyl layering flower project easily with my handy tips using the knock out layering method.  There is another tutorial for layering other ways here.

Layering vinyl flower project
What You Need:
Choices of Vinyl For the Vinyl Layering Flower Project

For this project I used scraps of vinyl from various manufacturers but it must be HTV.  make the flowers whatever color you want but the leaves really need to be green.  The butterfly was left over from the butterfly subway sign I did here.

The Knock Out Method

Essentially you cut one layer from the other so that the adhesive for all the layers is in contact with the surface.  This method lets you do as many layers as you want.  

How to Design With the Knock Out Method in Design Space

In design space you would line them up where you wanted them, and then slice the top layer out of the bottom layer.  After cutting out, when you go to attach the two vinyl layers, the bottom layer is fit first then the top layer is lined up and applied second.  This can be tricky, depending on how detailed you project is and how big the pieces are.  Be patient and take the time to line them up properly.

If doing HTV make sure you cover the whole design when attaching the second (or third, etc) layer or you could scorch the lower layer

Cutting The Vinyl Layering Flower Project
When you cut out this project some of the colors cut as one piece some cut out separately.  Weed the project.  Whatever way they cut, take scissors and cut all the non connected pieces apart.  Leave the lightest pink together for placement purposes.  Don’t cut too close to the edge if you can help it.  And make sure you keep track of all the pieces.  
Pressing the Vinyl Layering Flower Project

First put the lightest color pink HTV down on the project and press it for about 10 seconds.  This is not enough time to secure it to the material, but it is enough time to separate it from the carrier sheet.  Whether it is warm or cold peel pull off the cover sheet carefully as soon as it is ready.  The HTV may come up a little.  That is ok.  You will press it on securely later.  The key is to get the carrier sheet off.

The next layer is the dark red and fit it into the lightest pink and repeat the pressing.  Make sure to cover the whole design with paper or an old cover sheet.  I have a 12 X 12 old sheet that I keep just for this purpose.

Do the darker pink layer next and then the leaves.  The parts should fit together nicely since they were cut from each other.  Put on the butterfly and cover the whole project again.  Heat for a full 45 sec. with lots of pressure to seal all the parts together and firmly attach them to the fabric.

And you now know how the vinyl layering flower project is done!  Try one yourself with a project you design.

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