Cricut Wavy Blade for The Maker

The next blade I am reviewing is the Cricut Wavy Blade.  You need the maker to use this blade.  If you don’t have the maker or this blade you can do the project, the cuts on the rectangles just won’t be wavy.  And it still looks great.

The wavy blade adds a nice touch to this card, but is it worth the  approximately $15 you pay for it at Amazon or Cricut (Get it here)? 


You will need:

        • Heavy cardstock for the base
        • scraps of cardstock
        • Pen
        • Glue
        • Download File
My Thoughts on the Wavy Blade

This blade does require you to have the maker and it works in the universal attachment. 

I don’t particularly like this Cricut Wavy blade.  First of all I wish that the waves showed up on the canvas.  You could tell if you liked the effect and see any problems in advance.  Also when I changed things to wavy it changed the piece back to the original color.  I just don’t understand why it did that.

You also can’t wavy cut one part of the piece and not the other, such as the lattice card I will post tomorrow.  I wanted to wavy cut the edge and leave the inside cuts alone and it wouldn’t do that.

I tried using it on the card band on this card and the lattice card I will put up later.  It didn’t work at all because the waves cut into the smaller cuts and the whole thing fell apart.  And the wheel doesn’t do corners well.

It did add a nice touch to the roses that I will post soon.  And the plain rectangles on this card look nice but…  I just don’t think the Cricut Wavy blade is worth it.  If you get it as a gift it is useful.  But if I didn’t write this blog, this blade would have been mostly a waste of money.

Paper Selection

I stuck with plain papers in the general tone of valentines day.  You could make this card as an anniversary card and use different colors.  Or some of the pieces might look good in patterned paper.

The base card does need to be at least 100 weight paper. But other than that, any paper would work for this card.

Cutting the Card

The only pieces that the Cricut wavy blade will work on are the large rectangles and the base card.  The other pieces have just too fine of cuts for it to work.  If you don’t have the maker or this blade you will need to select the pieces and change them from wavy to cut.  You do this in the menu where you can change to emboss or score.

I used a gold gel pen to do this card and it doesn’t photograph well but looks really nice on the card.


This card is pretty easy to assemble.  First re-crease the fold lines to make sure the card works well.

Then attach the embellishments like the picture.

The card band fits around the card and keeps the card closed for shipping.

And your card is done.  It is very small because I wanted the base card to fit on 1 mat but it is a cute little card and fits in an A2 envelope.

Wavy Blade Card with card band

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