DAD Cut out Card for Father’s Day

I  wish I could send this DAD Cut Out Card to my Dad. But you can tell your Dad that you love him and are thinking about him this Father’s Day.  He will love it.  It is very similar to the Mother’s Day Card with the letters cut out here.

This Happy Father’s Day card looks simple and it is.  Tell your Dad that you know that you were not simple to raise, but that he did a great job.

You will need:
Paper Selection

The base card for this DAD Cut Out Card needs to be fairly heavy cardstock, at least 100 lb weight.  I wouldn’t use patterned paper for this.  You don’t see much of it and it needs to be double sided.

The letters and other embellishments and inlays can be patterned. Just make sure the pen will show up. 

Cutting the card

The tools have some very intricate cuts.  You may need to cut it twice to be sure it is cut all the way through.  Do this by pressing the C on the machine before you unload the mat.  

Cut the card and the Cricut will do the writing.  I used a black gel pen.  I used the font Agency FB  that is available for free at

Assembling the DAD Cut Out Card

First re-crease the fold and make sure the card works.

After all the piece cut out, glue all the letters on over the letters on the base card with liquid glue.  Tape glue pulls the letters apart.

Then glue the inlays together with the embellishments on them. Look at the pictures if you need help with how the inlays go together.

And the DAD Cut Out Card is done. Make sure your Dad knows you are thinking of him.

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