Dad is NOT an ATM

This Dad is not an ATM shirt was requested by Ken.  He wanted this shirt after our vacation. Cordelia bugged him constantly for money or for him to buy things. He wasn’t really upset and said no often.

I made this shirt with glitter vinyl.  I really don’t like using glitter vinyl.  It is hard to weed, hard to stick and generally hard to cut.  But I did it.  I had to cut it twice and used baby powder to weed it.  Just remember to wipe off the powder when you finish weeding.  Then I pressed it twice just to make sure it was on good.

See the basics of working with glitter vinyl here.

Download the design here

I wish I had made the circle red but you can’t put any other HTV over glitter vinyl.  I’d remake it but with Ken gone it makes me sad.

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