Daddy is Best Cut Out Card For Father’s Day

This Daddy is Best Cut Out card was inspired by watching Crafters Companion on HSN.  They have a whole line of cards cut this way with dies.  I designed this one to be cut on the Cricut.  It is similar to the birthday cut out card I made earlier.

Tell your Dad that he is the favorite man in your life with this card.  My Dad is gone but he is still my favorite!  People ask me why I don’t just cut out the letters in my cards instead of drawing them so with this card I tried it.  Not a fan, but it works.  This card fits in an A7 envelope for mailing.

You will need:
Paper Selection

The base card of this Daddy is Best cut out card needs to be heavier paper (110 lb. wt. or heavier.) and two sided.  The rest of the card can be any weight and doesn’t have to be two sided.   I made the card in shades of blue.  Patterns would work with this card too, as long as the patterns are small.  Use whatever paper you want!   Use your imagination and your scrap box.  I know you have one!

Cutting the Daddy is Best Cut Out Card

As I said before I decided to cut out the letters for this card since I was having problems with drawing on my Cricut (That problem has since been fixed with the latest update).  I used a font called Deftone Stylus that you can get for free at Da Font.  Do you know how to install a font to use in Design Space?  There is a document in my Resource Library that tells you how.  Find it here.

All the lettering is cut out and is thin so be careful taking it off the mat. Each word is a separate piece so keep track of them until you are ready to place them.  After making this card I didn’t like the cut outs on the word “best” so I eliminated them in the download files.  They took forever to cut and looked messy.

Assembling the Daddy is Best Cut Out Card
First, as always, re crease the center fold.  Make sure you do this carefully so that the cut outs line up properly.   Next, place the light blue lace piece inside the card but don’t glue it yet.  First, line it up with the opening on the front so that it appears behind the word “Daddy” and reaches from side to side.  Then glue it down.
Next, line up the phrases for the sentiments of the card.  Once you have them lined up properly, then glue them down.  They are, for the most part, all the same size so the several words “the” that are duplicate are interchangeable.
Assemble the two embellishments (that were created with the offset tool) and glue them together.  Then attach them to the inside of the card.  Look at the pictures above for the placement.

Finally, attach the blue letters for “Daddy” over the letters on the front of the card, shifted slightly so that you can see the edge of the letters below creating a shadow effect.

And your Daddy is Best Cut Out Card is done!  And remember, it fits in an A7 envelope for mailing or if you want something matching and extra special, you can make your own envelope using the tutorial here.
Reasons Why YOUR Dad is Best
  • He’s the person you go to when your bike tire needs to be patched or if your shower head has broken off. Your dad most likely has his own tool bag and can fix almost anything that you break!
  • A good dad understands that the world is continuing to change and so are the people. 
  • Awesome dads tend to have a great sense of humor and they don’t always take everything in life so seriously.
  • Your father believes in what you stand for, what you want to accomplish in life and ultimately, in you.
  • Awesome dads love their children but they won’t let them get away with first degree murder.

Taken From 16 Signs You Have A Truly Awesome Dad

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