Daddy Pop Out Card to Make For Dad

I made this Daddy Pop Out Card using Inkscape mostly.  There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do this in Design Space.  Maybe one day I will do a tutorial explaining how, but for now, enjoy the results!  I know your Dad will!

This Daddy pop out card is perfect for my Dad. His nickname was Bear and he loved bear hugs!  And it fits in an A7 envelope for mailing, or you can make a coordinating envelope by following the tutorial here.

You will need:
Paper Selection

There are two parts to the Daddy pop out card base, the main base and the pop out mechanism.  They should be made from the same paper.  A patterned paper wouldn’t really work for the base because it would be hard to match up.  But I added a pattern to the front. The base card paper needs to be fairly heavy, at least 100 lb. weight.  The rest of the card can be any weight paper.

I do most my Father’s Day Cards in blue.  You can use any color you want.  If you need help selecting colors, try my e-booklet “Coloring your Designs.”  It is a big help!

Cutting the Daddy Pop Out Card

Cut the card base and the Cricut will do the writing.  I used a black marker on the bears and the text on the front and a white gel pen for the dark blue pieces.  Did you know that you can use any pen in your Cricut?  You can see the trick here.  I used one if my own fonts called CMV Doby (Cordelia, a big Harry Potter fan, named it.)  I used this font because it fills in when drawn.  If you want to know more about my fill in fonts, see this page and learn how to get them, too.

The DADDY has some really close and thin cuts so be careful removing it from the mat.

Assembling the Daddy Pop Out Card
This card is not as hard as it looks to put together.  Start by re-creasing all the folds.  Attach the dark blue letters to the back of the Daddy.  Take my word for it, you don’t want to attach them after the pop out is assembled!  My fingers were too thick and clumsy.
There is a score line above and below the word DADDY.  Be careful to get these folds just right so that the card works properly.  On the DADDY overlay the folds, from the top, are valley, mountain, then valley.  Put the center of DADDY on the fold of the flat base card.  Then glue the top flat to the base card.  Only glue the top section!  Then stand the card up at a 90 degree angle and the cut out at a 90 degree  angle too.  The bottom section should be flush with the bottom of the base card.  Glue only the bottom section to the base.  Once it is dry, open and close the card a few times to make sure it works properly.
Glue the dark blue overlays over the pop out parts that are glued down.  Depending on how well the daddy was centered, you may have to trim them a little.  I did too.  If a little of the light blue shows it is ok.
 Now attach the bears to the inside and assemble the front of the card.  Attach the front to the closed card.  If you need help, see the pictures above.
And your Daddy Pop Out Card is done.  And it fits in an A7 envelope for mailing.
My Dad

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