Decorate This Thanksgiving Tissue Box Cover

Decorate in style with this homemade Thanksgiving tissue box cover. They are easy to make with your Cricut! Really impress all your holiday guests. I’ve done tissue box covers this size before, but this one is special.  

I have done all the measuring to make this box the perfect size to fit.  All you have to do it cut it out and assemble it. I will even show you what I did wrong.

What you will need

Paper Selection for the Thanksgiving Tissue Box Cover

I used traditional Thanksgiving colors for this project.  The base needs to be a fairly heavy paper. I used 100 lb weight but 65 lb might do it.  The embellishments can be cut from any paper.  Glitter paper, foil, or patterns would work nicely too.

Cutting the Thanksgiving Tissue Box Cover

The embellishments on all the sides are very intricate cuts. Be careful when removing them from the mats.  Other than that it is a fairly easy project to cut

A Note about Glue

I used Art Glitter Glue with the metal tip to glue the box together.  Note: For those of you in the cold of the North, Art Glitter Glue does not ship to the cold states in the winter, so make sure you have enough on hand to last the winter.  Order it here.

Assembling the Thanksgiving Tissue Box Cover

First, re crease all the folds.  Then separate all the embellishment pieces for each side so that you can keep them straight. 

Assemble each side before you try to attach them together.  Look at the pictures above to see how each side goes together.  Make sure all the tabs on the side pieces are facing the same way.  I had one upside down when I first made one of these boxes and the sides didn’t fit together right.  

Next glue all the sides to the top in a cross shape with the pieces upside down and the top of the box on top.  I tried to assemble it one side at a time and it gets rather tricky.  Make sure the glue is dry before you fold the sides down.  Fold the sides down one at a time and glue each side to the next one at a time until you have a rectangle box.

And your Thanksgiving Tissue Box Cover cover is done.  Enjoy!

Fun Facts About Tissues
  • ‘Facial tissues’ are also known as ‘paper handkerchiefs’, ‘tissues’, ‘paper tissues’ and ‘Kleenex’, after a popular brand name.
  • Tissues are usually made totally of pulp from wood chips and chemicals that break the chips down.
  • People of Japan have used facial tissues for centuries, although Europeans first discovered the practice on a 17th century voyage.
  • Kimberly-Clark Corporation invented modern facial tissues in 1924, calling them ‘Kleenex’, made for the purpose of removing makeup or cold cream.
  • Facial tissues can be printed, scented, covered with special lotions, and can be single, double or triple ply.
  • In 1926, a survey was conducted on the use of Kleenex facial tissue, and it was discovered that 60% of people were using the tissue to blow their nose, so Kimberly-Clark changed the way they marketed the product.
  • Facial tissues vary in size, from small to large, generally depending on the box the tissues are stored in, although a single tissue is generally palm or pocket sized.

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