Make These Decorated Paper Cubes

In this tutorial I will teach you how to make these Decorated Paper Cubes. They look good in a bowl with the Triskele Balls that I posted before.  I also have a pyramid shape that go well with these, too.

These cubes look lovely by themselves or with other shapes in a bowl as a decoration.

What you will need
Paper Selection

I made these from patterned cardstock.  Just make sure the pen shows up.  And the design fits on 8.5 X 11 paper so use what you like.  I wouldn’t use vellum or glitter paper though.  Vellum is too thin and glitter paper can’t be written on and cracks when folded.

Cutting the Decorated Paper Cubes
The Design Space Files work best for these cubes.  The Rainbow cube doesn’t even have an SVG file because I couldn’t get one to work to my standards.  But the other SVG Files work OK.
Cricut does all the drawing but make sure the pen shows up on the paper. 
Assembling the Decorate Paper Cubes
These cubes are much easier to assemble that the Triskele Balls.  Start by re-creasing all the score lines.
Then, starting with the sides with two tabs, fold over the sides and attach the tabs to the adjacent sides.  Use liquid glue.  They need the strength. 
Then fold over the square with three tabs.  Glue each tab to the side it folds to.  Attach them one at a time.  You may need to deform the box to get the last side attached thoroughly.  Let the glue dry.
And your decorated paper cubes are done.
Below is a picture of all the shapes in a bowl for decorating your table.


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