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Advanced topics Design Space There is nothing to be scared of

As I look through all the Cricut Facebook groups out there I see many post from people who haven’t taken their Cricut out of the box because they are scared of Design Space.  I know when I first started many many moons ago, I was scared too.  But eventually I learned from more experienced users and realized there was nothing to be scared of.

I tried a few things, made lots of mistakes and eventually mastered the dragon called Design Space and wanted to show others.  That’s where “Design Space – There is Nothing to be Scared of” came from.  These are the more advanced topics for the advanced users.  

There are advanced tutorials  where I show you how to make your own stencil fonts and put patterns and photos inside graphics and text.  I am constantly adding more all the time.

Some of these videos and others can be accessed through my YouTube Channel

Design Space can be intimidating.  There is Nothing to be Scared of advanced video tutorials  can help.  Watch all the videos or just the videos of the topics you need help with.  I guarantee that everyone will learn something.  I learned a lot just writing the series. 

Editing Existing Images
So you have the perfect image EXCEPT it has too much extra stuff and you only want to use part of it.  Here are several ways of doing just that, depending on what you want and how it is put together.
Sharing a design space project with a link
This video shows you how to share a project using the new desktop version of Design Space using a link. This method can be used if your project contains only Design Space images
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Recreating a Pinterest Image
This video shows you how to use Design Space to recreate something you saw on Pinterest  with your Cricut. I will be doing more of these videos with other thngs I find on Pinterest in the future.
Creating and Using a Dynamic Offset
This video teaches you how first to create the outline around an object or word in Inkscape and then upload it and use it in Design Space.
Slicing Multi Layered Images
Normally you can only slice if your image has only a single layer.  This video shows you a work around so that you can slice any image no matter how many layers there are.
Knock Out Technique for Vinyl
I teach you how to do Knock out images for vinyl. I create a vinyl project of the Cubs with a player cut out to teach this simple technique.
Creating Lined Monogram Letters
In this video I teach you how to create the Monogram letters with a lined edge.  Then I teach you how to make a graphic with a zigzag lined edge.
Putting Photos  Inside Text
You can put photos inside text just like you can put photos inside images.  I will teach you how in this video.
The method for this has changed.  I will show you the new method and compare it to the old method.
Using Group, Attach, Weld, and Flatten​
Attach, weld, group and flatten are four of the most difficult tools to understand but once you do, you can create anything. This video goes through each button step by step and then, with a simple graphic, shows you the differences. Anyone having difficulty with the nuances of these tools needs to watch this video.
Slanting Text and Images​
Cricut may not have intended to let you do this but you can slant text and images. This video shows you how to change images and slant them. Create unique looks with this method.
Making Rounded Corners
I tried for hours to round corners in Design Space.  I perfected this method and am now teaching it to you so you can do it is seconds, not hours.

These are the advanced topics covering some things I needed to know how to do so I figured others might need to know them too.

With all the updates to Design Space lately, some of the videos may need updated soon.  I am getting to them as fast as I can.  The basic concepts of the advanced topics videos should still work, the buttons may have just moved.  Let me know if you see anything that needs my immediate attention.

If you have any questions after watching these videos, you can email me or ask the question at my Facebook group.  There are a lot of helpful people there and one of us should be able to answer your question.

Need Basic Information?  Go to the Basic There is Nothing to be Scared of videos

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