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Design Space There is Nothing to be scared of

As I look through all the Cricut Facebook groups out there I see many post from people who haven’t taken their Cricut out of the box yet because they are scared of Design Space.  I know when I first started many many moons ago, I was scared too.  But eventually I learned from more experienced users and realized there is nothing to be scared of.

I tried a few things, made lots of mistakes and eventually mastered the dragon called Design Space and wanted to show others.  That’s where “Design Space – There is Nothing to be Scared of” came from.

I wanted the series to be a free resource for beginners.  I learned to make videos and made this series for you. 

These are the beginner tutorials where I show you the basics of Design Space, like how and when to attach things, how to enter text and how to put photos inside text and other things. 


Just Remember – There is Nothing to be Scared of

Design Space can be intimidating.  There is Nothing to be Scared of basic video tutorials  can help.  Watch all the videos or just the videos of the topics you need help with.  I guarantee that everyone will learn something.  I learned a lot just writing the series. 

And always remember There is Nothing to be Scared of.

Let’s Start with the basics:

Understanding the Basic Functions

It explains the basic functions of the buttons on the Left Side Menu such as New, Templates, Text, Images, Shapes and Upload.

This video serves just an introduction to theses buttons and Design Space. We will go into more detail in later videos.

Understanding the Top Menu​

It covers topics such as Do/Undo, Line Type and Color, Align, Arrange, Flip, Size, Rotate and Position.

Using the Text Menu​

It teaches how to insert text, choose font style and size, letter and line spacing, alignment, curve and grouping and ungrouping letters. It also covers how to align and weld script font so they look like handwriting.

Working With the Layers Menu​

It covers the Layers Menu, Color Sync, Hide/ Un-hide, Duplicate, Delete and Group/Un-group.

Selecting and Working with Images

It explains the parts of the image selection window, how to search for images, and how to insert the images into your project. Additionally, this video shows how to manipulate videos by sizing them and cutting them. The layers of a image is also explained.

Slicing Graphics and Text​

It goes into detail about Slicing graphics and Text out of a Background. This video is for the user that has a little experience with Design Space or has watched the previous videos. It describes the problems and pitfalls of slicing an image out of a background and gives several practical examples of what it is used for.

Understanding the Contour Button​

This video explains the Contour Button and how it can be used to change your image. Practical examples are used.

Uploading Images and Patterns into Design Space​

In this video I explain how to upload images and Pattern into Design Space. It covers all kinds of images SVG, DXF, BMP, JPEG, etc. It also explains how to upload and use your own patterns.

Print Then Cut

I have noticed a lot of questions on Facebook lately about Print then Cut.  Hopefully this video will help .

I go through the differences between print then cut and flatten and how to save and use an uploaded image as print then cut.

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Using Multiple Colors On the Same Mat

Ever have a whole bunch of little pieces to cut and didn’t want to use so many mats?

This video shows you how to cut them all on one mat.

Using Group, Attach, Weld, and Flatten​

Attach, weld, group and flatten are four of the most difficult tools to understand but once you do, you can create anything. This video goes through each button step by step and then, with a simple graphic, shows you the differences. Anyone having difficulty with the nuances of these tools needs to watch this video.

Making Your First Project​

This video uses all that you have learned from my previous videos and applies it to making a simple birthday card. You will be taken step by step through creating you first card so that you can understand all that you have learned.


See?  There is nothing to be scared of.  Design Space is just a program.  Some things in these videos have been updated and I am trying to update the videos as things change, but Design Space is changing so fast!  Most of them should work anyway, but things may not look the same.

If you have any questions you can email me, or post a question in my Facebook group.  There are a lot of helpful people there and I or they should be able to answer your questions, whatever they are.

Ready to move on to more advanced topics?  Go to the Advanced There is Nothing to be Scared of Videos

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