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Design Space There is Nothing to be scared of

As I look through all the Cricut Facebook groups out there I see many post from people who haven’t taken their Cricut out of the box because they are scared of Design Space.  I know when I first started many many moons ago, I was scared too.  But eventually I learned from more experienced users and realized there was nothing to be scared of.

I tried a few things, made lots of mistakes and eventually mastered the dragon called Design Space and wanted to show others.  That’s where “Design Space – There is Nothing to be Scared of” came from.

I wanted the series to be a free resource for beginners.  I learned to make videos and made the series for you.  Now, the series requires you to register with this site but there is no cost.  You just need my password that I send you for free for signing up for my newsletter.  I send the newsletter out once a week usually on Sundays.  I don’t spam you and won’t sell my list to anyone.  Read my Privacy Policy here.  The password is the same one that allows you to download my files for free.  

These are the beginner tutorials where I show you the basics of Design Space, like how and when to attach things, how to enter text and how to put photos inside text and other things. 

So what have you got to lose? 

Enter the basic video page now


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