Die Storage Wall

I wanted a die storage system.  Ken was making me one like the Totally Tiffany System because it was $109 on their website.  He didn’t get it finished.  Actually all he was able to do was get the wood.

Well now I had these sheets of wood and nothing to do with them.  I am terrified of the table saw and I need my fingers.  So I was brainstorming the other day and thought “Why not make a die storage wall?”

So I thought about it and figured that I could put strip magnets on it or sheet magnets.  As you can see I used both.  I researched and found you could buy large sheet (2 ft X 3 ft or bigger) but it was very expensive.

Things to Consider
  1.  Magnets come in 2 different widths  1/2 inch and inch (at Walmart).  Both work fine but the thicker holds better.
  2. I had to buy the sheet magnets at Hobby Lobby.  They were $6.99 for three 8 X 10 sheets.
  3. Be careful.  You want the magnets in the material not a material that magnets will stick to.  Some places aren’t clear online which way they work.
  4. Test your magnets first.  I took a die with me to the store and made sure it was strong enough to hold.
Attaching the magnets to the Die Storage Wall

First I painted them blue because that went with the rest of the room.  They were origionally brown and  I didn’t like that.

The magnetic tape has lousy adhesive.  I used tape glue to sorta tack it on first.  Then I attached the ends better with a glue gun.  That is holding up very well.  The sheet magnets are staying up with just the tape glue.

Once you have the magnets secure, don’t do what I did.  Don’t put the dies on and then try to hang the boards.  The magnets may hold them but not that tight.  Hang them first.  I was picking up dies for an hour.  I still am not positive I found them all.

Hang the boards with screws or nails or whatever works for you but you don’t want them to move.

Then you can put the dies o

I loved it so much that I made a second one.  Yes I have that many dies.  And actually I need another die storage wall.

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