Dress Up Your Easter Eggs As Your Favorite Animal

Your Easter eggs can dress up as a favorite animal. I have monkeys, dinosaurs, elephants and  four others all ready to make your eggs extra special!  Because the pieces are so small, this is a great project for using the little scraps in your scrap bin.

I bought the eggs at the  Dollar Store and they are 3 inches high.  I put an egg shape in with the Doggie for reference.  If your eggs are bigger or smaller you can use that egg to resize the project and all the costumes to your egg size.

What you will need

Paper Selection for the Costumed Easter Eggs

Use your scrap bin and your imagination when selecting papers.  The eyes should be black and white but the animals can be traditional colors or anything wild you like.  You want the paper to be at least 65 lb. wt. so that the paper stands up.

Cutting the Costumed Easter Eggs

These are fairly easy to cut but there are a bunch of pieces so be sure to keep track of all of them.  U would cut one animal at a time if at all possible so that I don’t have to sort through all the parts.

The eggs I used were 3 inches high and the costumes are scaled to that size..  If your eggs are bigger, select everything and then size the whole project until that egg in the doggie is the height of your eggs.

If you are using the SVG file, please read the instruction sheet contained in the zip file to determine how big to make the Design Space project because it will load up huge at first because of a glitch in the program.

Assembly of the Costumed Easter Eggs

The assembly is pretty straight forward.  Just look at the pictures.  There are a few notes though.  The eggs are plastic, so I used a lot of glue to make sure they were secure.  You can use a glue gun if you want.  

As a tip:  put a little glue around the rim where the eggs join together and then put them together and let the glue dry.  It will hold them together while you are assembling them but the bond is weal enough to let them open later to fill them.

The costumes are pretty easy to assemble with just a couple of notes.  The beak triangle for the chicken is folded down the middle then attached with a glue gun.  Attach the crown with the glue gun too.  The eyes of the frog are layered the try to make them stand up.  Don’t glue the bottom of the bunny ears together and fit it to the egg like a cap.

And your Costumed Easter Eggs are done!  Fill them with candy or little treats  Whatever you want.

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