Make This Easy Easter Bunny Card

This Easter bunny card started as a challenge in a Facebook group.  They loved it.  It is simple to make and takes very little time.  Perfect for a beginner.

The striped banner accross the front is a print then cut image.  If you need help with that there is a tutorial included in the video tutorial series Design Space – There is nothing to be Scared of.

What you will need:

  • Heavy cardstock for the base
  • scraps of cardstock
  • Little scrap of ribbon
  • black marker
  • glue
  • Download File


Paper Selection for the Easter Bunny Card

I used single sided paper for the base of this card. If you have double sided paper you will not need the cover rectangle for the front.  The paper can be any weight you want.  The embellishments can be cut from any paper you like.  I use a lot of patterned paper.  It is a bit confusing but still looks nice.

Cutting the Easter Bunny Card

Cut the card out and the Cricut will do the writing.  I used a black pen.  The card uses the Access font Art Noveau.  You can use any pen in your Cricut with this simple trick.  See it here

Print then cut out the striped banner across the front.  If you need help with Print then Cut, the video is also available on YouTube here.  While there subcribe to my YouTube channel to get updates on any new videos.

Assembling the Easter Bunny Card

This car is so simple to make.  First re-crease the base card.  Then attach the eggs and ribbons to the inside and glue them in place.

Tie the ribbon in a bow with long tails.

Assemble the front of the card by gluing the ribbon to the bunny’s neck and the tails of the ribbon under the yellow cardstock. Attach the striped ribbon and the the yellow cardstock to the front of the card.

Your Easter Bunny Card is done.  See, I told you that was easy!  Enjoy.


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