Make This Wonderful Easter Cut out Card

This Easter Cut Out Card is easy to make but hard to design.  Lucky for you I have all the designing done for you.  I have done others.  You can see the Christmas and the Father’s Day cards at the links.

I love these cards and I guess you do too because they are some of my most downloaded designs.  I did this card in two different colors so you could see the difference the color palette makes.

You will need:

Paper Selection

The paper for this Easter card must be two sided for it to look good.  It can either be patterned or solid.  The pattern in the first card is almost too much for this card and overwhelms the cut outs a little.  The card still works but be careful of this when picking the paper.  The second card has a more subtle pattern and this helps the center words stand out a little more.

Cutting the Easter Cut Out Card

I did all the design work so this card is simple to cut.  Make sure the cricut cuts all the way through the paper.  You may need to cut again depending on your paper.  To do that just press the C on your machine before unloading the paper.  This is not a card that you want to be prying the pieces out of.

If you are using the SVG file, be sure to follow the directions in the document file in the zip file.  Otherwise your card will be the wrong size and the score lines won’t work.

Cut the card out and the cricut will do the writing.  The pen I used was black but you can use any color that shows up on the paper you choose.  The font used in this card is called Arpeggio and you can get it at Dafont for free.

Assembling the Easter Cut Out Card

First carefully re-crease the card.  The folds are very close to the writing so take your time doing this step.

Once all the pieces are cut out, fold the card in a Z shape so that all the writing faces the right way.  

And your Easter Cut Out Card is done.  See that was simple.  It fits in an A2 envelope for mailing.

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