Make This Easter Flip Card

Impress everyone with this dynamic flip card this Easter.  It is simple to make but kids and grown ups will sit and play with this card for hours.

What you need:

      • Very heavy cardstock for the base (purple)
      • Scraps of cardstock (lt blue, dk. blue, yellow)
      • liquid glue
      • tape glue (optional)
      • Download file

This is fairly easy one.  Change the colors to match your personality.  Your imagination is your only limit.

Print and cut everything out.  I put all the little parts on one mat by combining mats. 

Watch my video on cutting different colors on the same mat.

Play Video

Be very careful removing the flourish from the mat it tears easily.

Once the base card is cut, re-score the folds with a Popsicle stick. Fold and work the card a few times to male it easier to operate.

Use liquid glue to glue the flourish to the eggs.  You can use tape glue on everything else, if you would like.  Happy Easter goes on one side of the center box, the basket goes on the other.

Your card is done.  Enjoy!

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