Easy Back to School Card

This Back to School Card is super easy and a good project for those of you just starting out with cricut.  You can literally make this card in 10 minutes.

If you have someone who is starting school soon and you just want to encourage them this is a great card to do that. It goes together so simply that no glue is required.  And it fits in an A7 envelope for mailing.

You will need:

Paper Selection

I chose a back to school patterned paper for the outside and a dark red for the inside.  You can do anything you like but if you make the inside patterned, make sure it is not to busy for the writing to show up.  The paper can be any weight you choose.

Cutting the Card

Cut the card and the cricut does the writing.  I used a white pen for the writing because the cardstock was so dark but if you use a lighter paper then any color will do.


The only tricky part of this card is that since both the school house on the front is cut out and so is the backpack, they really cant be on the same side. So I placed the writing on the other side.

Once the card is cut out the corners of the inside then just tuck into the slots cut in the base card.  That holds them in place.  See, I told you no glue was needed.

Your easy Back to School card is done.  Your student will love that you are thinking about them..

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