Easy Easter Bunny Layered Mandala to Make

This Easter Bunny Layered Mandala is easy to make.  I designed it for all those people scared to try the complex ones.  There are a lot of beautiful layered mandalas out there but they are intimidating.  I have made a few and they are wonderful, but what if you are just starting out?  This one is for you to try then move on to the complex ones!

You will need:
        • cardstock in various pastel shades
        • Glue or Foam tape
        • Frame (I used a 9 X 9 shadowbox frame)
        • Download File
Paper Selection for Easter Bunny Layered Mandala

This project can be made with any paper.  The colors for the bunny parts in my version are pastels.  Patterns would look very weird for everything top layer but foils and glitter paper would work well.  

Cutting the Easter Bunny Layered Mandala

Start with the lowest layer and cut the designs upward in layer.  This is a must!

Be careful removing the bunnies from the mat because the lines can be thin, the top layer especially.

If you want to make this mandala extra special, add text or graphics to the top layer like I did on the Rose mandala here.  Here’s how.

Rose Mandala made special by writing on it
Assembling the Easter Bunny Layered Mandala

As you cut the layers, build up from the bottom.  Glue each layer to the one below it before you cut the next layer.  This way you don’t lose the little pieces.  This mandala is all connected but some aren’t.

You can glue the layers together with foam tape or liquid glue.  Foam tape adds more dimension to the project but you end up using a lot of it.  And I think it adds some needed dimension to the project.

Once the layers are all together, use a piece of cardstock that goes with your color scheme for a base if you need it..  Frame the piece with a shadowbox frame to give it enough room. If you want to use a regular frame,  you should put foam tape between the mat and the glass along the edges to make the frame stick up far enough to give the project room.


And your Simple Easter Bunny Layered Mandala is done.  Once you are done with this one, you are ready to move on to the more complex mandalas or create your own.

Fun Facts About the Easter Bunny
  • The Easter Bunny is a German import.  Chocolate ones too.
  •  Children used to leave carrots for the Easter Bunny.
  • According to Swedish lore, it was customary for witches to fly to a legendary mountain on the Thursday before Easter.
  • The Easter Bunny’s sex is up for debate.
  • The Easter Bunny represents fertility and also virginity.
  • And most amazing, the Easter Bunny doesn’t just bring eggs; it also lays them.

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