Easy Scary Halloween Luminary to Make

This Scary Halloween Luminary looks amazing!  It doesn’t look it but it is so easy to make.  I made mine in 10 minutes!  This project makes a great beginner’s project.

With the light inside of it this looks AWESOME!  The pictures don’t even capture how good it looks!  I like making luminaries. This one is much easier to make than last year’s Halloween Cat Luminary

What you will need
        • Grey and Black cardstock
        • Vellum
        • liquid glue
        • a small battery operated light
        • scissors
        • Download File
Paper Selection

I stuck to the standard Halloween colors.  Patterned paper looks nice but when it is dark and you light it up you can’t really see the pattern.  The vellum needs to be light.  I tried black vellum on another luminary and it didn’t glow well.

Cutting the Scary Halloween Luminary
This is fairly straight forward to cut out.  You can’t see them, but there are eight score lines on the black piece to make it a box.  Be careful when removing it from the mat as the pieces are thin and fragile.
Cutting vellum on the Cricut can be difficult.  Make sure it is sealed to the mat.  Any air bubbles and the vellum can tear.  I use a paint scrapper to smooth it down to the mat.
Assembling the Scary Halloween Luminary
First of all, re-crease the folds on the black piece.  Then glue the vellum to the back of the cut out.  They are exactly the same size. Before you start assembling the box, cut one of the sides about an inch above the bottom.  Cut through the first score line but stop before you get to the second.  This is where you insert your light.
 Then you will need to glue each of the small tabs on the black piece to the back of the vellum.  Do not glue the tab to insert your light.  Make sure that when you glue them the sides meet at the corners with no gaps.  Lastly turn on and insert your light.

And your Scary Halloween Luminary is finished!  I told you it was easy!


Scary Halloween Luminary Lit up

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