Engraving your Cover Sheet

Does this sound like you?  I am working hard with my Cricut andit is time to quit and rejoin the real world of cooking and cleaning and my cover sheet for my mat is lost in the pile of papers I have been using.  I can’t see it because it is clear.

I have tried other methods of making the mat cover sheet easier to see, markers, vinyl, etc.  But this is the most creative way I have found.  You can engrave your cover sheet with the engraving tool!  The picture doesn’t do this justice!  Engraving your cover sheet makes it stand out in a bunch of papers scattered on the floor and adds personality to your mats.

What you will need

Paper Selection

OK so it isn’t paper, but this method works best on a new mat.  The new mat and the cover sheet are lined up properly and obviously this is when your mat has the most sticky.  But it works on older mats too.



I tried this method several times to see how many times works best for engraving and three seems to be the magic number.  The download file has the three copies all ready for you.  In the SVG file you will need to center the three copies and attach them to each other.

When you get to the “cutting” mat view you want to make sure the design is centered on the front of the mat.  It should be already but mine needed tweaked just a little.


There is nothing really to assemble but the cover sheet now has marks on it which make it easier to find in a stack of papers.

This is just a fun little project to decorate your mats a little and use your engraving tip.  Have Fun!

4 thoughts on “Engraving your Cover Sheet

  1. I just got my engraving tool, as well, and can’t wait to try it out — although on my older mats.

    Thank you so much!

    1. I have engraved report covers before, and it works fine but I don’t know the brand you are using so try it first. The tutorial is about the cover sheet for mats though. They are a bit thicker.

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