Fall Wreath Beginner Project

This Fall Wreath beginner project teaches you the basics of your Cricut.  I have a lot of people who are new to Cricut and Design Space and this is a good first project.  There is only simple cutting and gluing in this project

This project looks very nice hanging on the wall and looks somewhat complicated but isn’t.  Try it for a first project with paper.  If you need help with the basics of design space, I have a video tutorial section called Design Space – There is Nothing to be Scared of

What you will need

        • Cardstock for the base
        • various scraps of cardstock in fall colors
        • glue
        • Download File
Paper Selection

The colors in this fall wreath beginner project are all fall colors.  Be creative and use some patterned paper or maybe emboss some of the leaves for more variation.  Your imagination is the only limit.  The circle in the middle needs to be 65 lb. weight paper or heavier to make it strong enough to support the rest.


This is a simple project to cut.  You can cut each color on a seperate mat or combine mats.  To see how to do that watch my video.

Play Video
Assembling the Fall Wreath Beginner Project

If you want to emboss some of the leaves, this is the time to do that.

After cutting each piece, first assemble the center circle and glue it together.  Then turn it over and start arranging the leaves how ever you want.  Make sure to watch what color is next to each other and vary the type of leaves and color of leaves around the wreath.  Each person will assemble it their own way.

Once you are happy with the arrangement, glue the leaves to the back of the base.

Your wreath is done.  That was easy.  

If you want to make it more complicated, try drawing on some of the leaves or cutting a design out of some of them.  Your imagination is the only limit


I hope you enjoyed making this fall wreath beginner project.  Remember check out the Design Space – There is Nothing to be Scared of videos

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