Fancy Fold Thank You Card With Card Band to Make

Say that you appreciate anyone with this Fancy Fold Thank You Card.  I included the card band  in the design because these fancy fold cards are hard to keep closed.  Card Bands are the hot new trend in card making.

This card is 6 inches square and needs a custom envelope.  Luckily for you, I created a tutorial on how to make custom envelopes and you can find it here.  I made the base card in three parts so that I could make a bigger card.


You will need:

Paper Selection for the Fancy Fold Card

The base card doesn’t have to be two sided but it does have to be fairly heavy.  A weight of 100 lb. wt. works best.  I used a subtle patterned paper for the base and it worked well.  Patterned paper must be a light and/or small pattern though.  I did mine in shades of blue and yellow, but any color theme will work.  

Cutting the Fancy Fold Card

 The cricut divides the light triangles into two mats but they can be combined together.  Simply turn the triangles and fit them together better and the pieces on the second mat will fit.  If you need to learn how to move things around the mat, see my video

Play Video
Assembling the Fancy Fold Thank You Card

First, re crease all the folds and tuck in the little triangles.  Open and close the card a few times to make sure it works OK.  The little points fold inside the card.  I have a map of the mountain and valley folds but basically the vertical lines are mountain folds and the diagonal lines are valley folds.

Glue the tabs of the center piece under the side pieces.  Make sure that you line up the  diagonal fold lines well or the card won’t fold properly.  Let the glue dry completely.

Then assemble the embellishments on the overlays.  Liquid glue works best for this.  I use only Art Glitter glue because of the metal tip and because it doesn’t dry immediately allowing me to move the pieces around a little. But it does dry permanently and holds better than anything else I have used.  Make sure you replace the pin in the tip after every use or it dries and clogs the tip. Once you have all the embellishments assembled, then put the card together.  Look at the pictures to see where everything goes.

Finally the card band can be folded around the card after it is assembled and closed.  I gave you a little extra length.  Just cut off the extra if you need to.

Your Fancy Fold Thank You Card is done! 

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