Fancy Thanksgiving Easel Card

This Fancy Thanksgiving Easel Card is fancy alright.  But did you know that you can make an easel card from any shape as long as it is horizontally symmetrical?  That means if you fold it in half horizontally it will match up and be the same.  I tested that fact with this card.

I saw Anna Griffin had a kit with fancy easel cards on HSN Craft Day and I studied how she did it.  Here is the one I made and later in this tutorial I will tell you what I learned about designing them from watching Anna.  That part is for the advanced user who is more familiar with Design Space.

What you need:

      • Very heavy cardstock for the base
      • Scraps of cardstock
      • liquid glue or tape glue 
      • Foam tape
      • Pen
      • Download File
Paper Selection

I chose to use solid cardstock.  The base needs to be double sided but the rest does not.  You could use patterned or foiled paper for any of the embellishments but I would stick to fall colors.


Cutting the Card

The cricut will do the writing on the card.  I used a black pen but if you want to jazz it up a bit use your foil pens. The Design Space file uses an Access font but I used one of my own fonts on the SVG file.  It is CMV Zebra.  Find out more about my fonts here. 

Be careful of the outline pieces.  They are thin and tear easily when taking them off the mat.

I put all the little parts on one mat by combining mats. 

Watch my video on cutting different colors on the same mat.

Play Video
Assembling the Fancy Thanksgiving Easel Card

First, Re-crease the fold lines to make sure they work properly.

Glue all the embellishments together.  Look at the picture to see where everything goes.  Use foam tape on the top layers to give the card some dimension.

Next glue the top of the card to the inside top quarter of the base card.  This is your easel.  Do not glue it past the fold line or your card wont work right.

Stick the acorn pieces on with foam tape so that it sits a little higher than the base of the card.  This is your catch for the easel.

The card fold flat to ship and fits in an A6 ( 6.25 X 4.5 inches) envelope.

Your Fancy Thanksgiving Easel card is done.  Enjoy!

Tips for the Advanced User 
If you want to try to design your own unique easel card, choose a shape that is horizontally symmetrical.  Any shape will do as long as when you fold it in half top to bottom it matches up. These are the instruction for creating the card in Design Space.
First you need to have three of the main shape so duplicate the shape twice and then overlap two of them at the top and bottom slightly and weld them  together.  The union point is the center crease so put in an horizontal score line at the middle.  Then put a score line horizontally through half way up the top half of the base card.
The third piece is your cover.  It will be glued to the top quarter of the base card.  Embellish it however you would like.  And finally design a stopper for the easel.  Put it on the bottom inside of the base card with foam tape to give it a little dimension and so it will catch the easel.
Final Thoughts
Be creative.
I would love to see the cards you design, whether it is the card I did or one you create yourself.  Post them in my Facebook group so we can all ohh and ahhh about them.

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