Father’s Day Easel Card to Make For Dad

Tell Dad that he is just as important as Mom with this Father’s Day Easel Card made just for him.  My father died a little bit ago and I wish I could send this to him.

What you need:
      • Very heavy cardstock for the base
      • Scraps of cardstock
      • liquid glue
      • Download file
      • Foam tape
Paper Selection

I chose to use a striped cardstock for the Father’s Day easel card base.  I purposely made the striped on the card vertical and the ones on the easel horizontal.  The base doesn’t needs to be double sided.  You could use patterned or foiled paper for any of the embellishments.  Choose anything you would like, but don’t use too many or it gets confusing.

Cutting the Card

Be careful with the intricate letters.  They are thin and tear easily when taking them off the mat.  Keep the sizes straight.  It is easy to confuse them for some letters.  Save the little tool bits for a later project.  They make nice shaker parts for a shaker card.

I put all the little parts on one mat by combining mats.



Watch my video on cutting different colors on the same mat.

Play Video
Assembling the Father’s Day Easel Card

First, Re-create the fold lines and make sure they work properly.

Then glue all the letters together.  Be careful.  There are two different sizes of some of the letters.  Make sure you get the right sizes put together.  Also make sure you don’t get the letters turned around.  It is very easy to do.  You can see on my card I got some of the As backwards. The cut out lines all go to the right.  It isn’t something you notice right off, unless your looking.  Next glue them to the circle.

Finally glue the circle to the half circle on the base card.  This is your easel.

Stick the tool piece on with foam tape so that it sits a little higher than the rest of the card.  This is your catch for the easel.

The card fold flat to ship and fit in an A7 envelope.

Your card is done.  Enjoy!

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