Faux Leather Layered Earrings

Faux Suede Earrings and Faux Leather earrings are everywhere.  These are made with the faux leather from Hobby Lobby.  They have a variety of patterns and colors and it is easy to use if you know how.

These earrings layer the faux leather or, as in the second pair, cardstock.  A glue gun is absolutely necessary.  I know,  I hate the little strings too.  But with care, you can make these earrings perfect.

What you will need

Faux Leather and Paper Selection for the Layered Earrings

Hobby Lobby sells the faux leather in the fabric section on rolls that can make quite a few earrings.  It normally sells for about $5 per roll but goes on sale for 50% off about every other week.  It is also great for making hair bows and I have that tutorial here.  Buy lots, you will use it.

I used cardstock from my scraps box.  You don’t need much so this is perfect.

Cutting the Materials for the Layered Earrings

If you don’t have a Scrapartus, add holes to the top of the earrings to put the findings through.

The Hobby Lobby faux leather is felt backed sorta.  I tried the fabric mat first and then the regular grip mat.  Both types of mat required me to tape the faux leather down with painters tape.  The mats worked about the same so I used the regular grip mat.  It also required the deep cut blade to cut and I used the leather setting.

To cut the material, I put it face down.  This cuts much better and it seems to stick much better.  If the project needs it you would have to mirror it like this, but the earrings are symmetrical and it works without mirroring.  This leaves the backing facing up. 
When it finished cutting, before removing the mat, I check the cut to make sure it went through.  Everything I have cut so far has cut through, but I check anyway.  If it wouldn’t have cut through, I would have just pressed the C button on my machine and cut it again.

Assembling the Layered Earrings
 The layered earrings go together easily.  These earrings are assemble with a glue gun.  Regular glue just doesn’t hold well with the movement required of earrings.  This includes the cardstock.  Assemble them using the pictures above and below.

Once assembled, poke the holes with the Scraparatus.  This is a great tool to poke holes and insert brads.  I got mine years ago and use it all the time.  It is made by Karen Foster and usually available at Amazon. (They seem to be out right now but I found some on Ebay.)  You can also add holes for the jewelry findings to the Design Space file but this doesn’t work as well.

Add the jewelry findings to the earrings and your layered earrings are done.
All three types of Faux Leather Layered Earrings
All 3 Designs
Fun Facts About Earrings
  • A 5,000-year-old body discovered in the Italian Alps revealed that men wore earrings as early as the Bronze Age.
  • It is common for the earlobes of male and female babies in India to be pierced soon after they are born.
  • In the ancient days, doctors also believed that earrings cured headaches and improved eyesight.
  • Sailors often wore earrings made of gold just in case they would need to pay for a Christian burial after being shipwrecked.

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