Fill in Fonts for Cricut

We’ve all done it.  Created the perfect card or scrapbook page design with a font, changed it to draw and had it do this. 

Frustrating isn’t it?  Well I got so frustrated that I created my own fonts that fill in when drawn.    You can have those fonts too.  These fonts fill in when drawn.

The key to filling in is something in the middle.  There are a few fonts found else where that work, like Danken Stripes and Quiltz that can be found at

I created seven fonts that fill in.  You can download those fonts now.

The fonts have been  moved to Creative Fabrica.  You can now buy them individually. (I didn’t want to mess with all that hassle.)  You can find my profile here.  They are 1.99 each.  For comparison, Cricut charges $4.99 for each of their fonts.

Get the Fill In Fonts and Help Me Keep Running this Site

Just Added!!!  Become a patron for $1 per month to the Crazy Cricut Lady Family and download all of the Fill in Fonts as part of your membership.  Patreon helps me pay for the hosting and all the expenses for this site.  It is completely voluntary and seperate from the membership in The Crazy Cricut Lady Family.  Go to Patreon and become a sponsor of this site and help keep all the designs I make here free!


The difference is clear.  This is an excerpt from a scrapbook page about Mt. Rushmore.  You can clearly see that Fill in Fonts make all the difference.  The second one uses CMV Sirius and looks much better.

The designs also work when made large enough to see the details.  Take a look at these two fonts from a scarapbook page on Reptile Gardens.  These are both CMV Zebra.  As you can see they appear completely different but are the same font.

Here are some other examples of using these fonts on projects that either are in  my tutorials now or are coming soon.

Some general things to remember about these Fonts:
            1. Do not weld them.  They lose their ability to be drawn and fill in if welded.
            2. Like everything on my site, they are for personal use only.  Use them on things you will sell.  That’s fine.  But the actual files cannot be shared or sold.
            3. The design to make them drawn does appear if you make them big enough, but sometimes that is useful too.

2 thoughts on “Fill in Fonts for Cricut

  1. I really like the fonts you have done. Now I want to know how to do it! What program do you use? Do you have instructions or tutorials on how to do this? Thanks for everything you do help all of learn and enjoy the cricut world.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I use Inkscape and a online program called Calligraphr. It isn’t easy. I am thinking of writing a tutorial on how I do it, but I haven’t made up my mind yet.

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